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Mirror World - Final Picnic Part I

Posted on Sunday, 5 September 2021 - 5:22pm by Commander Soral & Lieutenant Alex Kingsley

Mission: Operation: Lazarus
Location: Mirror Universe | Vulcan |Shi'kar
Timeline: Current


Soral paced the drawing room. He'd sent Alexandra on a little mission with Severine and N'Vek. She was pregnant so he didn't like it but he knew that her skills were key to this. If they brought back the artifact Soral would be master of this and the Terran Empire would finally fall to Vulcan. He rubbed the hair on his chin. He hated beards but Alexandra thought it made him look more dangerous...

Sighing he finally gave up pacing and sat down.

While he sat, embers within the ornate fireplace began to burn and within seconds flaming tendrils were ebbing and flowing as if in a dance. The flames did not warm the room, for they had no lack of heat in a Vulcan summer. Any such by products such as the heat and smoke were automatically utilised elsewhere or removed altogether, ensuring the room did not become uncomfortable. It was a sign, however.

Alexandra was home.

The fireplace had been installed on a whim by his wife, wishing to recreate a sense of home and comfort for the children which was a far cry from the world beyond the walls of the estate. Often she would simply sit and watch the flames dance, enchanted by them. At other times, she would toy with them, manipulating the dance. And whenever she was home - and awake - the flames always burned.

Her touch brushed his mind as she drew nearer, knowing his Vulcan senses would hear her approach. She had never been able to sneak up on her beloved. As she entered the room, looking for all the world like she had gone ten rounds with a Klingon by the state of her and her torn clothes, she held up a small box with a victorious smile, “congratulations My Love, it was exactly where your contact said.”

She crossed the room and laid the box down, carefully opening it to reveal the contents. “I don’t recognise the language inscribed on the device or the box…” she began, “but if legends are true, Vulcan will be an unstoppable force.”

Box forgotten Soral pulled her into his lap. "Yes but more importantly you are home." He laid his head on her shoulder just taking in her sent a moment before he looked at her. "I assume the person who made these bruises is … regretting them?"

“Your son made quite sure of that,” she promised. “It seems your contact was happy to share his intel, for a price. But we are all alive to fight another day.”

"My son has honoured me, then." In a rare show of emotions he smiled and hugged her close. She was his life blood. "My Queen. We will rule, you and I."

“Yes we will,” she smiled as she stood on her tiptoes to kiss him.

Soral then reluctantly parted from her and examined the device. "This will take us to the other verse. One where Vulcan is meek enough to conquer and where we have the help of the Romulans to bring the Terran empire to its knees. We will rid ourselves of the Borg and you will be Empress." He turned and cupped her face. "How does that sound?"

“Wonderful. The Borg are claiming more territory every day, we cannot wait,” she whispered.

He gave a nod. "We shall undertake this journey together, but first...some time together is in order." He took her hand. "I have secured a holo suite for us a picnic on Earth." He knew how much she loved those. He wanted to much for her to know how much she'd enriched his life.

“Perhaps a bath and a change of clothes first?” she suggested. Her hand rested on her stomach, feeling kicks that reassured her.

He gave a nod. "Indeed." He paused. "Alexandra...I have not spoken to you of this as of late but..."

She frowned, “but…?”

"I need you to know how much you are a part of me. How much my life is yours my wife." He knelt down placing a kiss on her belly and resting his head there. It had been a long road but they were being blessed with their own children. A miracle and Soral couldn't shake the feeling that something was going to go wrong.

“I thought I, the pregnant one, was supposed to be emotional?” she mused as she watched him listen to the energetic kicks of their unborn daughter. By this point in her previous pregnancy she had barely been able to move, let alone go on a mission. She ran her fingers through his hair, “what has you so worried, husband?”

"Dreams...nightmares that I will loose you. Your last pregnancy was difficult perhaps a surrogate transplant...."

“No,” she said firmly. “The child is healthy as am I. The healers said so many times. She will be fine and so will I. Please, do not worry.”

"I cannot help it. I would be lost without you."

“And I without you,” she smiled softly. “Come, we will spend some time alone and then we must make preparations. Your enemies will not let the device stay in your possession for long.”

He gave a nod. "Indeed." He stood and took her hand kissing it. "I will await your return while you change."

“I won’t be long,” she promised, kissing him as she walked off towards the corridor leading to their bed chamber.


A gentle breeze swept through the clearing, gently rustling the leaves on the giant oak tree which was shading them from the sun while the enjoyed the feast laid out on the picnic blanket. Enough food for an empire. Biting into a strawberry, savouring the taste, Alexandra leaned back against the tree and took a moment to just breathe and admire the tranquil surroundings. The blue sky, the brook that cut through the land a few meters away, the water sparkling in the sunlight as it trickled through while their sons played nearby.

Soral sat by his wife putting an arm around her. "They have your fire," he said referring to their sons. There was definite pride in his voice.

“It’s the red hair,” she teased with a mischievous smile, watching them play with complete abandon. “Or just luck.”

"Indeed, both." He then did something he only did with Alexandra. He laughed. "They put a frog in their governess' plate of soup today."

Alexandra laughed aloud, watching them as the water seemed to defy gravity and morph into the shape of a frog which proceeded to leap from one sibling to the next before returning back to the brook. All three boys stared at one another for a moment before turning in unison to demand “again!”

“Maybe later,” she conceded, leaning into Soral. It had been far more draining on the trip than she was willing to admit.

"Rest now my love. No more using your abilities until you are rested."

“I’ve missed them,” she pouted, “they deserve fun. Reality will kick in soon enough.”

He put his arms around her. "Just rest, I am here to protect you." Another feeling of panic settled around him but he tired to hide it so that it would not panic her.

“Perhaps just for a little while,” she relented as the boys came running up to them, throwing themselves into her arms. “My three little knights.”

"Indeed." As they all settled the boys were asleep quickly. "Perhaps a family nap?" He suggested to his yawning wife.

She smiled as she brushed the side of his face, “my warrior, my husband… I wish we could stay here forever.”

"Me too. This picnic is important. We shall do this weekly with all the children." He kissed her. "Now rest my wife. I am here to watch over you all."

She smiled as she stretched up to kiss him softly, “as I will you. Always, my husband.”

To Be Continued...


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