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Nurse Knows Best

Posted on Sunday, 5 September 2021 - 6:27pm by Lieutenant JG Kay’la & Lieutenant JG Hayashi Hamura

Mission: Operation: Lazarus
Location: Sickbay | USS Standing Bear
Timeline: 2394 | MD 12


Hamura paced the confines of their office. It had been another long day of repairs and since the away teams return some of the tech and items they found had to be analyzed. The shift that they were on was about to end and pacing was the only thing that kept them in Engineering when all they wanted to do was shuck duty and stay by Oriana’s side. Soral had…checked on Hamura several times today and although grateful for his care Hamura knew it was more a check in to see if the Engineer would leave their post. The Vulcan knew them too well.

The clock seemed to count down too long, lingering as if to draw out the torture. When the time finally came Hamura ran out of engineering as if the hounds of hell were at their feet. The trip didn’t take long and soon they were approaching sickbay.

Hamura came into sickbay after their shift. The young Nurse was there again. It had been like this for a couple days now. Hamura would work, go home shower, change, come to sickbay and sit by Oriana's side. She was still in that medically induced coma and they were still keeping her in there to heal. The EMH had not appeared since their last encounter so there were no updates and for some reason Hamura was not so fond of the CMO. They did, however, like Nurse Kay'la. She was an odd duck, very compassionate for her background. Hamura gave a nod. "Hello," they said as they moved closer to the bio bed where the nurse was standing next to Oriana.

“Hello Hamura” Kay’la smiled warmly as she greeted him. “Come to sit with Oriana again?” She noted Oriana’s latest readings. “There’s not a lot of change I’m afraid.”

Hamura gave a nod taking Oriana's hand. "The doctor said that until the internal injuries are healed she has to stay in this long till she's healed?"

“It’s hard to say I’m afraid” Kay’la offered an apologetic smile. “Everyone is different when it comes to healing, some people heal quicker than others. Just be assured that Oriana will get better.”

"I hope so..." The positive step was that they had been able to purge the radiation in her system. "I'm going to stay the night again." Hamura said knowing that they were being a pain, this would have been the second night already by Oriana's side.

“I expected that” Kay’la nodded. “Hence why I’ve arranged for you to stay in the nurses office. It’s right opposite Oriana’s bed, you’ll be able to see her if you leave the door open.”

"Can I stay on the floor by her side?"

Kay’la understood the need, she just wished she had someone as caring as Hamura. “I’m afraid I can’t allow you to sleep on the floor but the biobed next door is free.” She offered a warm smile. “Unless there’s a sudden mad rush you’ll be okay to stay.”

"Can I stay in a chair beside her?"

“Hamura, Nothing is going to happen to Oriana. We’ll take care of her I promise.” Kay’la smiled. “You need proper sleep too, it’s the biobed next door or nothing.”

He studied her. "I swear I can sleep anywhere. I just need to be she knows I'm here."

“I’m sure she knows Hamura” Kay’la looked at the readouts. “See... her brainwave patterns have increased since you got here, she can hear you. Why don’t you talk to her?”

Hamura, who'd become pale and drawn the last few days, gave a weak nod. "I should have protected her."

“You did what you could Hamura” Kay’la looked Hamura over. “How long has it been since you last ate?”

"Just before the whole Trell D thing started." Which now thinking about it was days go.

“That long?” Kay’la looked surprised. “Right you settle down there and I’ll get you something to eat.” She wasn’t taking no for an answer as she walked off to the replicator.

She walked away before Hamura could decline. Sighing Hamura sat by the bio bed holding Oriana's arm to their forehead. "Wake up, Princess, Please." They should have told her fully how they felt but...they hadn't wanted to overwhelm her. If something went wrong...suddenly a pain sized Hamura. If Oriana was lost, Hamura would not recover, they knew that.

Kay’la returned with a tray of various nutritious foods and a couple of choices of drink, she placed it down as she took a look at Hamura. “Are you feeling alright?”

"Yeah I just would trade anything in the world to have her open her eyes." Hamura smiled. "Sorry probably thing I'm nuts don't you."

Kay’la nodded. “I understand, she’s a lucky woman to have someone who loves her so much.” She motioned to the tray. “I want to see at least some of that food eaten okay? You’re no good to Oriana if you make yourself sick. She needs you to be strong for her.”

Hamura smiled. "Thanks."

Kay’la nodded. “My pleasure, I’ll leave you to it. If you need me I’ll be around.” With that she left Hamura to eat.



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