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Mirror World - Ebbing Soul Pt. II

Posted on Saturday, 11 September 2021 - 8:35am by Commander Soral & Lieutenant Alex Kingsley
Edited on on Saturday, 11 September 2021 - 8:52am

Mission: Operation: Lazarus
Location: Mirror Universe | Vulcan | Shi'kar City
Timeline: Current



Whispering his name so softly it felt as though it carried in the breeze, Alexandra gently planted a kiss on her husband’s forehead while he slept. They were now alone, husband and wife, as it had been when their bond was forged in fire. As it would be when it soon ended, drowned in her tears.

In a life full of death, deceit and betrayal she had been blessed. Rescued by the man who would one day be her mate, to become a mother to four children who he would ensure grew up to fulfil their greatest potential. They would be loved. Protected. Those she entrusted most in this world would ensure it long after she was gone.

“Soral my love,” she whispered in his ear, “it is time to wake up.”

As he began to stir she kissed him once more, a long passionate kiss to convey her love and hide her pain at the thought of the future being stolen from them. As she broke it, she whispered two words before she allowed the illusion of the dream to shatter. “Forgive me.”

The sky, the grass, the babbling book and the old oak tree … all of it seemed to just drift away on the breeze to leave her husband once again sitting on the seat in the drawing room just as the doors burst open and his daughter rushed inside.

Soral sat bolt straight as Severine ran in. She was crying so much it took forever to get out of her that Alex was hurt, he felt it but for moments hoped that his system was overloaded and that he was reading things wrong. He hurried to the room where the doctor was tending to his wife.

“Soral,” T’Mei nodded in acknowledgment as she emerged from the master bedroom. Her expression was typically unreadable, yet she was in their service for her formidable skills as a healer. “We should speak before you enter.”

Soral's temper was hanging on by a thread. "Very well." He motioned to the study that was beside the bedroom. "Hurry doctor I with to be by Alexandra's side as she heals."

The woman arched an eyebrow but followed. “You misunderstand, Soral. While I am a formidable healer, the damage is too extensive. You must prepare,” the woman said slowly, as if speaking to a child to ensure he took in every word, “for your wife shall not survive the night.

We are making preparations to deliver your daughter, for the moment she is in no immediate danger but that will soon change and sustaining the child is a strain upon your wife’s failing body. I assure you we have ensured she is in no physical pain and we have made her as comfortable as possible. She declined further treatment as it may harm the baby and she was, apparently, enjoying a picnic. Her mental state is clearly deteriorating. But she has asked for you often.”

His eyes flashed. "I do not care of her declining treatment. She will be treated, she is what is important. You will save my wife."

“I can no more do that than move a mountain. I can ensure the safe delivery of your daughter and ensure your wife’s final moments are comfortable,” T’Mei replied with unshakable calm. “Come, I will take you to her.”

He clenched his fists but said nothing. He would convince Alexandra to seek the treatment, he had to, living without her was not an option.

As the passed out of the study Soval was hovering, his sister urging him to be silent and wait. T’Mei gave them a brief nod. When the time came his children would be needed. Still, she could see Soral’s fire and determination. Opening the doors she gestured for her fellow healers to retreat and allow Soral to approach his wife. As he approached Alexandra’s eyes opened and she offered him a weak smile, holding her hand out towards him. “Husband.”

He did not waste time. "You must let the healers treat you fully. You cannot hold back. I will be here to assist and lend strength."

“The treatment will give me a few more hours, my love, and harm our daughter,” she whispered softly as she caressed the side of his face. “And I wouldn’t be able to feel you and our bond. I’m sorry our picnic couldn’t last. I wanted just a few moments with you and my little knights. We were betrayed… Soval… he was in danger. I was distracted… I’m sorry my love. Please forgive me.”

His eyes swam with tears. "No! I will not accept this. You will be made well. If the doctor does not then she will answer to me!"

“She kept me alive so I can see you, and so our daughter can live,” Alex whispered as she wiped away his tears, “and you, my husband, have a destiny to fulfil. You must be strong, fearless and you must protect our children. They will need you. All of you…” her eyes looked past him to Severine and Soval. “Please.”

Severine walked in and sat on the bed taking her hand. "We'll look out for them all. I promise."

Soral shook hid head. "This must not happen! I cannot go on without you." He took her hand. "You must fight!"

She smiled, squeezing his hand, “bringing our … daughter home…” she couldn’t finish the words but knew he would understand. Through their bond she shared all that had happened- from recovering the device to the betrayal which had cost many lives. The battle had been ruthless and vicious, orchestrated from the fray by T’Paris and her allies who had came in large numbers. T’Paris had waited, choosing her moment before she had gone after Soval, ensuring a moment of distraction as Alex stopped her from delivering a death blow to her son - only to leave herself vulnerable.

From that moment her only purpose was to bring her daughter home and see Soral one last time. “It was a… beautiful picnic,” she whispered as her eyes grew heavy. Her grief was as stark and consuming as Soral’s, grieving for the days she would not share with her sons and daughter.

"Healer! Do your duty. Fix my wife." Soral's clear rage and grief was on display and his elder children knew that time was short. Severine had left and had come back with the boys. It would be her duty now to care for her half brothers and she would to Alex proud. She left Soral to her brothers, they would get him out of the room calm him so that Alex could say her farewells to the boys and so that the healer could help her sister.

“My knights,” Alex smiled, opening out her arms as the three boys scrambled up onto the bed, clearly aware something was wrong as they didn’t throw themselves with abandon or fight to see who got their first. They were fast approaching three, each one as boisterous as the next but all becoming their own personalities. Behind Severine she saw Soval and N’Vek enter, Soval speaking quietly to his father to convince him to take a moment away.

Alex meanwhile was fussing over her boys as they all sat on the bed beside her. “You are growing up so fast,” she whispered, ruffling their hair, “and you will be wonderful big brothers to your little sister -“

Three little heads nodded in unison, making her smile. “Big hugs,” she commanded, wincing as all three themselves at her. Her arms wrapped around them tightly. “I love you all so much.”

“We must deliver the child,” T’Mei informed Severine.

Severine ushered the boys away and sat there for a moment tears stinging her eyes. "I will take care of them, I promise." She held Alex's hand.

“I know you will,” Alex smiled, “and your father… he must not lose himself Severine or all of this was for nothing.”

Her brow knitted. "He's going to be lost...I can sense a rage in him...." She hoped that Soral would get a chance to say goodbye. The healer had assured Severine that he would have those precious moments with her. She bent down and kissed Alex on the forehead. "I love you."

“Love you too,” Alex whispered. Severine had always been like a sister and she would trust nobody else to keep their children safe. “Go… find Soral please…”

Severine gave a tearful smile and headed out.

To Be Continued….


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