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Treasure Hunt - Away Team 2

Posted on Tuesday, 7 September 2021 - 6:41am by Commander Soral & Lieutenant JG Maximus Mackenzie & Lieutenant JG Hayashi Hamura & Lieutenant Alex Kingsley & Lieutenant JG Adrianna Eberhardt

Mission: Operation: Lazarus
Location: Away Team Mission: Unknown Ship
Timeline: MD 10 | 2394

Previously on Treasure Hunt....

Adrianna followed Soral, carefully avoiding any debris. Her hand knocked on some wall panels as they walked down, any with a hollow sound, or echo, she opened on the way. She'd inspect the contents later. It was more so that if, for whatever reason, they had to leave in a hurry, they could just grab the contents and run. One panel opened and Adrianna chuckled, "Gawd that's going in a personal stash for a few months time." A still corked, bottle of Baciami's finest grappa.

Alex followed in their wake, scanning around them while checking any terminals for any sign of life. So far, no joy. “Maybe we should split up,” she suggested to Soral, “these stations are dead, we won’t recover anything but the computer core may be an option.”

His lips flattened. "Hamura, Mac, Alex go to Engineering."

and now the continuation...


Adrianna kept opening panels to unveil hiding spots. Not all of them had anything in, but it was worth the investigation even if it was just to smack a certain ensign with pride.

Soral studied Adrianna, "You seem upset."

"I'm fine," Adrianna replied, pulling out what may have been a tablet from an ancient time.

"It does not seem like it," Soral said as he continued to search the area as well.

Adrianna looked over to Soral, "you don't seem right either, you know. You're letting emotions guide you more so than usual. Regardless," she chuckled, "call me a child one more time and I swear to hell." She paused, "being back from Ekos has taken its toll, that's all. I've got an immature ensign trying to give me orders without basic knowledge, and yes, I know they're a chief, but still. It's infuriating. Then, I have you trying to protect me which makes me feel like, to be blunt, shit-- that bracelet is in my quarters, and I'm pretty sure Alex wouldn't be happy knowing about the one in her jacket. I'm trying to regain the control to had before Ekos and instead, I somehow get pregnant and everyone is looking and treating me like I'm weak or broken."

Adrianna sighed, "sorry. I'm getting there, I promise."

Soral sighed. "Well Hamura...can be much at times I think a learned behaviour from me. Alex would be furious … but knowing that you and she are alike there is one in your away pack as well. You are not broken or weak, I see you as quite strong I would say you are a survivor and perhaps you must learn to rely on others when they wish to help. As for emotions guiding me I see no need for you to insult your XO."

"It wasn't meant as an insult," she replied, "just as a lack of knowing another word for it. What I mean to ask, is what has you suddenly so protective? We all want to get home, so give us all a bracelet, instead of the chosen two." Adrianna's words faded as she pulled a lacy pair of knickers for rather a large woman out of a cubby hole. She instantly tossed them with a shudder.

"Somehow I do not think those are your size."

"If I ever get that size, push me out of an airlock," she replied, "so what has you so protective all of a sudden? Did I miss something?"

Soral sighed. "Ms. Baciami I have a job for you, if you will go to engineering and hurry up the team I would be grateful. I will load the rest of the items in the emitter range."

Adrianna stood up, opening a ceiling panel, just in case. All she found was a small phaser and a PaDD. She took them out and placed it on their small pile. "Kicking and screaming, sir," it was a phrase her father used to say when the children were late for dinner.

=/\= Engineering=/\=

Hamura, Mac, and Alex made their way to engineering. Mac took point ensuring that the ship was indeed as silent as it looked. The trip was not long and the power in engineering was off but there were, God bless their pirate souls, generators. Hamura whistled. "Lieutenant," they said to Kingsley, "Permission to hook up some generators."

“Go for it, just be careful, we don’t know what the crash may have done to their systems,” Alex warned.

Hamura headed out to start playing with the generators. It was a good ten minutes before Soral called to check on the team and before Hamura was ready to reconnect. "I can get you...power but Lieutenant you have to milk the system for info I have to worry about keeping the power connect at least for a short time. Do you have a data PaDD?"

“Yes, and a few spares,” Alex assured her.

"Alright, then I'll bring the power up and you download what you can."

Alex nodded in acknowledgment as the workstation to her right came to life, the screen flickering ominously as she edged closer and began to tap at the surface of the workstation. Sections of the tactile interface were broken, making it harder to try and navigate the systems she now had access to. “Mac, can you try that console over there? This one is not having a good day… see if you can access sensor readings or ship logs. I’ll try to do the same.”

"I'm trying..." Mac sat down and started working the control panel. "This one... is having a better day."

“I’ve found what looks like sensor data but it’s raw, I’ll need to analyse it back on the ship,” Alex commented as she initiated a download, “some looks corrupted…”

"Let's get it and get back to the bridge area."

“I’m going as fast as I can,” Alex retorted, her hands flying over the workstation to try and recover as much as possible. Hearing footsteps she glanced over her shoulder, “welcome to the party.”

"I'd agree with the idea of a party-- I've found sixteen bottle of Baciami grappa in the panels," Adrianna grinned, "come on, XO wants us off here. I'm here to round everyone up." She opened another ceiling panel and chuckled, "seventeen."

Fifteen minutes passed before the call came in from Soral, "Away team members are to report to transporter location immediately. We are leaving this ship."

Alex glanced up in the general direction of where her husband would be, sighing. “I liked it better when he called us children. Okay, let’s wrap it up, I don’t think I can get much more out of this anyway.”

Hamura stood there with their eyes closed. They shook their head. "Let's hurry and get back. In fact I'm going to head there now." Hamura all but tripped heading to the bridge.

Adrianna was the last behind the pack. She could help but feel she was missing something. Looking around, she thought for a moment. Constantine would have hidden paperwork in engineering because it was always a boring place for people to look. Ade quickly opened a lose floor panel and smiled. Five PaDDs. More than likely receipts or something about customs. She grabbed them and quickly followed suit.

Soral stood at the transporter site. "Get the last of the items there and prepare to transport up." His eyes widened for only a moment at the sight of his wife. His jaw clenched. "Take your places." He ground out.

With two PaDDs in hand full of data, Kingsley followed Mac across the debris to get into position. “Last one buys the grappa,” she teased Adrianna. Gesturing towards the PaDDs she grinned, “anything interesting?”

Soral silenced a further response by calling for the transporter chief to transport the group away. A small smile curved Soral’s lips as the transporter hum took them and then vanished by the time they materialized onto the ship. “Ensign Hamura, Lieutenant Mackenzie you will debrief with tactical about the mission.” He turned to the women. “You two as well then off to your tasks.” He clocked his hands behind his back as he breezed out of the room. He needed a moment of processing. His head was still spinning with some fascinating developments and some tasks that had yet to be done. The key now was to maintain status quo, at least for now. “Most fascinating.” He said as he entered the empty lift.

Adrianna looked to Alex and shook her head, "first bottle's on me-- you have him."

“Which I think deserves two bottles, no?” Alex grinned as she walked with her friend towards the door, worried that Soral’s behaviour of late meant he needed to see the healers even more than he wanted to admit.

"All the damn bottles," came the reply.



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