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Seeing Clearly

Posted on Sunday, 19 September 2021 - 2:48pm by Ensign Oriana Skye Sety & Lieutenant JG Hayashi Hamura

Mission: Operation: Lazarus
Location: Sickbay & Engineering | USS Standing Bear
Timeline: Current


Hayashi scrubbed their hands over their face and sighed. This was just another day in sickbay. The day had started out with strong coffee, a shower and change of clothing, and then back to sickbay and then their shift in Engineering, lunch in sickbay, back to engineering, and then back to sickbay.

The EMH had spoken to Haya and told them that the radiation was low, and they would be waking her tonight. Tonight, was here and Haya was here waiting for Ori to open her beautiful eyes. It had been an hour since the medication as administered that would wake her and she still hadn’t opened her eyes. This was killing Haya's nerves

Haya sat back and rubbed the bridge of their nose. There was a noise that Haya was tempted to ignore but then it was clearer, louder.


Hayashi’s eyes snapped open. “Ori…” They were at her side holding her hand in the blink of an eye. “Open your eyes fully Princess. I’m here.”

One blink, then two, then those beautiful eyes opened, and Hayashi could swear that in that moment the world seemed right. They resisted the urge to cry.

“Haya, you’re here.”

“Yeah…I wouldn’t be anywhere else. How are you?”

Oriana seemed to blink and then slowly she tried to move wincing in pain a little.

“Easy, Princess. Easy, don’t move too quick. You’ve had surgery, you’re okay. You’re going to be okay.”

Her eyes, still somewhat unfocused, widened. “The cat! Did you find the cat?!”

Hayashi wanted to sign but didn’t. There was that cat again. “Ori…there was no cat, I promise you.”

Oriana’s face took on a mask of distress. “There was a cat! I saw her, a Kitten! Haya…you have to find her…”

Hayashi sighed. “If there was a cat it’s too risky to go there right now. We’re still making repairs.

The sadness on Oriana’s face tugged at Hayashi’s heart. “Okay, listen, I can scan. I can scan the area and if I can find her, I can transport her.”

The smile that lit up Oriana’s face could have fuelled several starships and it took Hayashi’s breath away. They found themselves smiling along with Oriana.

“So…when can I get out of here.”

Hayashi smiled, “Doc says if all is well in the morning then by after lunch, you’re good to go. We’re getting towed to a Star base, so I was able to get the afternoon and the day after off, so I’ll be with you the whole time.”

Oriana smiled, “Promise?”

Hayashi brought her hand up to their lips and kissed it. “Promise.”

Oriana smiled and then yawned. Before another word was said she was back asleep, exhausted from the little bit of talking and the worry over the mysterious kitten.

Hayashi tucked her in and then headed out. If there was a cat Haya would find it. She would move heaven and earth to find this cat if it wasn’t Ori’s imagination. The question that begged to be asked was where the cat came from. Hayashi had done a sweep of all pets on board, and all were accounted for so where did this mysterious Cat come from and if she was there how was she surviving?

Haya didn’t like mysteries like that, especially in the area that the cat was in. Feeling bone weary and exhausted beyond the limit they were still determined to find the cat.

Being a small ship, it didn’t’ take long for Haya to get to Engineering and into their office. They brought up the internal sensors, limited due to their little…Klingon friends, and started a detailed scan. The deck where Ori had been found and where the Trel D was ended up being clean. Haya let out a sigh but began scanning the rest of the ship. They accounted for the pets that were registered on board and then there was nothing to do but wait.

Standing up they walked over to the replicator. “Tarquin Coffee Extra Strong.”

The replicator buzzed and hummed and then she watched as the air shimmered, and the mug of steaming coffee appeared. Haya picked up the coffee wrapping both hands around it to try and gain some warmth from it. Tossing a glance at the screen they could see that there was still nothing.

Sighing Haya walked around their office taking time to sip the coffee and then finally settled in. No sooner had they settled into their seat that the sensors started to blimp. Haya sat up straight. Slamming the coffee mug on the table their hands flew over the console to get a better image and a better reading. Data kept scrolling down the screen almost too fast for human eyes to follow but Haya was used to it.

Their eyes widened as the feline readings came through. There was indeed a cat…and it was loose in the J tubes! Hayashi let out a string of curses and stood. How the heck did a cat get on the ship without anyone knowing and where had it gotten on the ship!

With the coffee forgotten Hayashi set out to find the cat, one thing was for certain, it would be hungry and in need of medical attention. Hayashi hoped that the EMH was versed in veterinary medicine. “Okay Ori, I’m going to find your cat.”

Grabbing a tricorder Haya headed out. There was a moment where they contemplated a phaser set to stun but how much trouble could a cute little cat be, not that Haya liked cats but…



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