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The Klamath Come, The Klamath Go

Posted on Sunday, 19 September 2021 - 2:40pm by Commander Soral & Captain Barret Stillwater & Lieutenant Alex Kingsley

Mission: Operation: Lazarus
Location: USS Standing Bear | Deck 01 | Bridge
Timeline: Current


The away team had returned from their treasure hunt aboard the smuggler vessel located on the asteroid. Though the ship itself was not in the best of shape, it did still hold some interesting finds, all of which Captain Stillwater was looking forward to reading about in the reports of the away team's members, including Stillwater's First Officer, Commander Soral. The starship Standing Bear was still standing, but she would not bear much more of a fight should the Klingon bird-of-prey make a return strike to finish them off. It was still spinning and spiraling about Barret Stillwater's mind just how unconventional and very un-Klingon the attack on his starship was.

Fortunately, there was strength in numbers. The USS Klamath was arriving momentarily, a California class starship under the command of a veteran starship commander. Captain D'Hoffryn and Captain Stillwater had a mild history together, their paths crossing once or twice with Stillwater having saved D'Hoffryn's ass once amidst the Dominion War when both men were years younger and less wise, and arguably a little more brazen. D'Hoffryn was now Commanding Officer of the Klamath, a far cry from his previous command. I never thought I would see the day that he'd settle for a California class thought Stillwater as he watched on the viewscreen.

A magnified image of a California class starship was coming their way, moments from being at their bow. "Captain, we are being hailed by the Klamath," announced the operations officer who was present on the bridge acting as relief for Lieutenant Kolani. It took Stillwater a few seconds to remember the man's name, but the single pip was an easy reference to rank. "Put them through, Ensign Smithers," replied the Captain of the Standing Bear as he rose from his seat.

Stillwater smiled slightly as he studied the viewscreen. A familiar face greeted him, caramel-colored skin with distinct markings of the man's species. "Captain D'Hoffryn, it has been too long my old friend, way too long," Captain Stillwater commented. The two were instantly reunited and conversing as though the passage of time meant nothing to either man. Their shared experiences through the Dominion War and talk about the Grazerite's wife and son had lead to the men sharing several minutes of small talk to catch up, but that soon had to be brushed aside for a more serious conversation.

The Grazerite shook his head. "What have you gotten yourself into this time, Barrett?" D'Hoffryn said tsking with his tongue. "Who did you piss off at Starfleet Command? They put you in command of a tin can patrol vessel? You are just asking to be kicked around."

Barret scoffed and gestured dismissively. "If you think we look bad, you should see the other guy which brings me to the topic at hand. You plan on towing us to the nearest station?" He saw the Grazerite nod his head. "We were on our way to the Bynar home world. If you do not mind towing us along an appropriate route, and stopping briefly, I have some business on Bynaus. I'd like time to dispatch the Captain's yacht."

"I see no reason why we cannot take you that way, Barret," replied D'Hoffryn. "The station is only a couple of hours from Bynaus at high warp. I'll let them know to expect us a little later than anticipated, a small detour to let you off with your Captain's yacht should be no issue at all," explained the Grazerite Captain. He gave a look to someone, probably his Ops officer.

"Thank you," replied Stillwater. "Proceed with tractoring us, I'll be discussing matters with my Senior Staff, Stillwater out."

The viewscreen resumed its previous image. Captain Stillwater took his seat once again and looked over to the Vulcan beside him. "We will take the Casablanca to Bynaus. I would rather not disturb Lieutenant Kolani right now, not for this. Have someone grab whatever we have left of the emergency medical hologram's program and we will bring it with us to Bynaus."

"Indeed, do you wish to have any particular officers for this mission?" Soral said coldly.

Stillwater nodded. "I doubt we can pry the Chief Engineer from the ship especially when it is being towed to a station for repairs. Yourself and Kingsley will be suitable. Our R&D Officer may be of service as well. If Doctor Rose is available, I suspect he would be if interest."

Soral gave a nod. "Miss Kingsley if you will assemble the R and D officer and yourself I shall go get Doctor Rose." He turned to Stillwater. "Do you wish me to attempt to pry the Engineer off the ship?"

Miss? From her console, Lieutenant Kingsley eyed her husband with a look that could almost certainly kill as she made arrangements. Well, cause some minor injury. Clearly she had done something... although she wasn't sure what. Perhaps it was just the aftermath of what happened in Sickbay that had placed him in a generally foul mood. At least she hoped so. She wasn't in the mood for another fight.

"That's one fight I don't want to get in," Barret replied. "Leave her be. Hamura will be upset if they are pulled away and anything is done to their warp engines."

"Indeed." He wasn't looking forward to facing the engineer either. They were too perceptive. "Then I shall pry the doctor from his sickbay." He turned to Kingsley. "Lieutenant, ensure all on the away party are fitted with a phaser."

At least he called her by her rank this time, she reasoned. "Yes sir," she replied, frowning. It seemed excessive to go armed when they were going to go cap in hand to ask for help but if that was his orders then so be it.

Stillwater didn't question the remark about phasers. Though they were going to a world within the Federation, things had gotten complicated. Even Earth wasn't safe. It was reasonable to take safety measures seriously. Additionally, with Stillwater going along, anyone would be unnerved.

Soral turned and gave a nod. "If you will excuse me." He turned and headed to the turbo lift. "Most Fascinating," He said as the doors closed.



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