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Mirror Verse: Shar of Vulcan Meets Super Fan

Posted on Saturday, 18 September 2021 - 11:03am by Lieutenant Alex Kingsley & Commander Soral

Mission: Operation: Lazarus
Location: Vulcan | ShiKhar City
Timeline: MD5


The hot Vulcan wind whipped up as Soval ducked into the restaurant / Tea House. He picked a table that would be seen and then sat down sipping tea and awaiting the mark. He had one of the books borrowed from the Library of Shar of Vulcan, or rather Soral of Vulcan. Board out of his mind he sat waiting. He was board enough to start reading.

Sykru of Vulcan was a creature of strong beliefs and equally strong habits. Each day, he would take refuge from the midday heat within the Gavel Tea House and order the same light meal and freshly brewed spice tea. He would always eat alone, preferring the solitude which was in contrast to the frequently pressing demands upon his time when he was within the walls of the High Council. Time to reflect, especially in times such as these, was often beneficial.

Once more his people were facing a decision which would shape their future. Once before, they had chosen - wrongly - to remain shackled to the Federation and it's supposed ideals. This time he was determined to utilise his influence however possible to persuade his fellow council members that now was the time. Now they could choose to return to their own ideals and aspirations, be masters of their own future away from an institution which seemed itself to be losing its own sense of self.

One only had to see how inward the Federation had become since the attack on Mars.

A tragic loss of life, of course. Yet had they the will, truly, the Federation could have continued to aide the Romulan Empire. Instead, they turned their backs at the cost of far more lives than had been lost on Mars. Member worlds on the furthest reaches of Federation space had already been making threats of leaving the Federation, forming alliances of their own in some cases, if they did not receive the resources and aide they felt rightly due. And the Federation capitulated, bowing to the needs of worlds who contributed far less to the wider federation than planets such as Vulcan.

It had to end.

Walking to his customary table, Sykru's gaze swept the familiar surroundings and largely familiar faces. One was new, he noted. A younger man, a few tables away reading intently. Sykru arched an eybrow. His first impression was correct, he read from the earliest published work of Shar of Vulcan. But it was very different from the copy which occupied a pace on his own bookshelf.

"Forgive the intrusion," he offered as he made a detour to the table, wishing to see more clearly in case he were in doubt, "I wish to enquire - do you hold in your hands a first edition print of Shar's work?"

Soval looked up, his brow slightly raised. "Indeed. First that was bound and printed of his works." He paused for dramatic effect. "Have you read his work?"
Soval slightly indicated the seat across from him leaving the man to join if he wished. As an inducement he closed the book and marked the page and then held it out for man to take.

Sykru was a man with few 'passions' as the humans would say. His interest in Shar's work had seen him amass his full collection and many rare editions or - rarer still - editions which included extremely rare errors within the print. While he had never met the man, he had built a respect for him and his teachings and believed he could be a like minded soul when it came to matters of Vulcan's future. All conjecture on his part, obviously.

And so with the opportunity to hold a first edition presented itself, there was no doubt that he would take the offered seat. Taking the prized book in hand he studied the intricately detailed covering before he could bring himself to open the cover. "I have read his work and find it fascinating," he advised the stranger, "but have never been able to find a first edition. And it is in pristine condition. How did you come about it?"

"Indeed. Not many have even seen the man himself, a pen name of course, I was never interested until my father introduced me to the man. He has become a family friend and this is his book. I must admit I am just starting my journey into the book and his work." Soval studied the man. "He should be arriving back on Vulcan soon for the vote."

This news was of particular interest to Sykru. He was returning to vote…. “You are fortunate to have his acquaintance. I am pleased to hear he intends to vote, it is my hope he will vote for the good of our people and rid ourselves of the Federation,” he paused, for he felt his well rehearsed and - for a Vulcan - impassioned speech ready to burst forth. With some reluctance he returned the book. “Perhaps, if you are able, you can put me in contact with him. I am high placed within the council and should he wish it, I believe many would listen if Shar of Vulcan wished to share his thoughts on our future path. If, as you say, he shall be attending to cast his vote.”

"Indeed. He has made no secret that he wishes Vulcan to leave the Federation. I can provide you with a contact point. He can be of great help being a Starfleet Officer who is willing to speak about Vulcan leaving the Federation."

Starfleet… his list of possibilities had narrowed considerably. “Indeed. I believe we can agree on that,” Sykar nodded. “I would appreciate your assistance in this matter. I will make contact with him before the end of the day.”

Soval pulled a small notebook from his pocket, his father always insisted. "Here is his coms code." He wrote it down and gave it to the man. "I should go I must return home to assist my father with a few things. It was agreeable to meet with you and I wish you good day."

Exchanging the customary fair wells, Sykar memorised the code and slipped the paper into his pocket. His afternoon would be a busy one but he would find time to make contact with Shar before the day was out. Perhaps there was cause for optimism now; after all, with Shar on side, he would sway most undecided council members to his side.

=/\= Later that day =/\=

Soral sat in the little room on the ship they had rented. It would take them to their destination that would bring them across this Soral's path. He'd routed the personal coms so all messages would go to him directly. He sighed. Soval had reported success so now it was a waiting game.

The wait lasted several hours, with the council member much in demand for his regular duties but also several meetings held with colleagues who he knew to be undecided. After so long as members of the Federation, they seemed reluctant to consider any other future for them. It was most disheartening, if one were to succumb to such emotional folly. Others, he knew, were resolute and would not be swayed to vote with him. Presently, though, enough were undecided that it gave his meetings with them purpose.

And of course he may, perhaps, have one final card to play.

After some quiet meditation he settled down in his study, a quiet part of the house where his family or staff would never disturb him while his door was closed. Keying in the code the young man had provided to him, he settled back in his seat and waited. Shar of Vulcan... a Starfleet officer no less. It had been an unexpected development but one that would benefit them more, should he agree to speak out publicly.

There were several moments of silence but slowly the black screen with the IDIC symbol began to shimmer and fade and a face soon appeared. Eyes haunting and deep, a strong face wearing a Starfleet uniform. Soral had selected one of his Mirror Counterparts and had been surprised that it was a little tight. Perhaps he'd been indulging a little too much as of late. He sat there stone faced for a moment and then tilted his head to the side. He greeted the Vulcan with the typical salute and then an eyebrow slightly raised in surprise. "It is an honour to receive a call from a member of the Vulcan Council."

If Sykar was surprised by who answered his call, he gave no outward indication. "It is an honour to be addressing Shar of Vulcan," he responded. "I have been an admirer of your work for quite some time. I thank you for taking the time to see me when you will undoubtedly have pressing duties but, especially now, when Vulcan is preparing to once again vote on our membership of the Federation, I believe you have more power than any member of the Council to convince our fellow citizens of the need to be free and follow our own destiny."

"Indeed. It has always been thus with philosophers." He gave a bow. "I am honoured by your words. I believe that we are, as a people, at a fork in the road. We must now make the right choice."

Sykar leaned forward, "my position would enable me to nominate a speaker. I understand you are attending the vote?"

"Indeed, I wish to cast my ballot in person."

"In which case, I ask thee to consider speaking on behalf of separation from the Federation," Sykar implored. "Your words hold weight. It is my duty to ensure my associates consider all arguments and make an informed, logical, choice."

" would help Vulcan push towards separation. I understand the Federation will make its case for unity and perhaps someone of two worlds, A Vulcan, and a Starfleet Officer could show that one must always consider the needs of the many, in this case Vulcan." He studied the man. "Sykar you have been a voice for reconciliation with Romulus, correct?"

"I do not believe I said such a thing; however, yes, in the past I have attempted to broker a more open dialogue with our Romulan cousins. I always admired Ambassador Spock's efforts at reunification although I was perhaps in a minority. I have no doubt that a closer relationship between our two peoples would be of mutual benefit."

"Indeed. I shall very much look forward to debating with you when we meet. I invite you to my home when I arrive for dinner and further discussion."

“I would be honoured,” Sykar replied with a nod.

Soral bowed slightly. " Vulcan's do not outwardly show emotions, however, I must say when it comes to Vulcan I find that, as humans say, that is where my heart is. I stay chained to this...." He motioned around. "Federation only until Vulcan votes to Separate."

“You intend to resign from Starfleet?” Sykar surmised, barely containing a sneer as he said the word Starfleet. “As I recall you are married to a fellow officer.”

"Indeed. That is the only reason I am still in Starfleet." And it was true. With access to this verses Soral and his memories the mirror man knew that statement to be true. Alexandra Kingsley is the only thing keeping Soral in Starfleet. Perhaps he didn't see it but his loyalty to his wife was what kept him flying amongst the Stars.

“It is logical to assume speaking of your wish for Vulcan to leave the Federation will … complicate matters. Your career may be in jeopardy. However, I can assure you that Vulcan will welcome you if that happens.”

He gave a nod. "I will be honoured to speak." Soral said again. “Now, I should return to the burden of duty for now. I look forward to meeting you when I arrive on Vulcan.”

“Of course. Safe journey, Shar of Vulcan,” Sykar replied with a brief nod before the connection terminated.

Perhaps, Sykar mused, there was hope for Vulcan after all.



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