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Mirror Verse: The Plan

Posted on Wednesday, 15 September 2021 - 6:42am by Lieutenant Alex Kingsley & Commander Soral

Mission: Operation: Lazarus
Location: Vulcan | Shi'khar City | Soral Estate
Timeline: MD4


Soral paced the room waiting for Soval to return with groceries. It was helpful that the Villa was closed and the family on Risa. All this...uncertainty had worked in their favour.

Escaping from the intense midday sun, Soval swept back the hood on his cloak as he entered. He passed picture frames containing images of the familiar faces of strangers, following the sweeping curving corridor towards the kitchen. While he had been somewhat hesitant about venturing out into the nearby village, it had proved enlightening. He had kept himself as he gathered the items his father had requested.

Soval had pointed out the replicator was operational but his father wished to cook - an activity he usually reserved for times when he wished to plan.

“I obtained everything you requested,” he commented as he found his father in the study, a veritable fountain of information on this ‘Soral’ and his family.

"Indeed." Soral stood. "You will help me make our meal today."

Soval sighed. “I would prefer to be training,” he admitted. “Being here… these people do not have spirit and fire for battle. But I will do as you wish.”

Soral smiled, "No they do not but neither do you. I have seen you prefer to paint and draw. Your...counterpart here, quite young has your talent." He studied Soval. "These people are... happy without burden."

“While ours live under threat,” he retorted. “And I am a capable warrior. Painting… drawing … they are of no use in a battle.”

Soral sighed. "My son do you feel guilt for what happened with Lexi?"

“It was saving my life which gave our attackers the opportunity to strike her down,” Soval all but hissed. “Alexandra saved my life at the cost of her own. And do not deny your own feelings of guilt father. But who else could have gotten around those ancient defences? It is why she insisted on going and why T’Paris and her people waited to attack.”

Soral took his son's face in his hand. "She saved your life because to us you are more precious than our lives. This is not your fault nor should you bare any guilt in this. Do you understand this?"

There was a long pause before Soval nodded. “Yes, father,” he said quietly. “Beyond making dinner, what next?”

Soral sighed. "Dinner and then I will lay out the plan for you and information that I was able to find." He lead Soval to the kitchen and they started preparing the meal. Soral felt a deep sense of comfort here knowing that there was a certain safety to this world that was not there in his own. "I was able to convince the V'Shar that I am their Soral, I was also able to tap into personal logs from this Soral and I have a picture of what needs to be done and how best to accomplish our goals. I will need to rely on you heavily to assist."

“Of course,” Soval nodded. “You are certain they were not suspicious?”

"Not thus far...but we must be cautious." It suddenly hit Soral how much he missed in family time. "Soval...I must give you an apology."


"I am sorry I was not a better father. If I had been...perhaps things would be different. I have spoken with your sister and now I will speak with you."

“I do not agree with your assessment,” Soval replied calmly, “you ensured our health, safety and education. You were with us as much as you were able… and from what I have seen around this home, you were there more than this version of you is there for this version of me.”

"That last part I agree with. This in need of a lesson of sorts. But I shall take care of that. I just wish I could have...well that is not important. What is important is once we have the information that we need you will go back to our verse and ensure your sister gets it. She will give a copy to Vulcan and another copy you will all take with you to the first Federation. There you will wait for me to return with Alexandra Kingsley of this time. There we will begin new lives and you will be the artist you are meant to be."

“She would not wish you to endanger yourself by remaining here longer than necessary,” Soval pointed out. “The longer we are here, the higher probability of discovery.”

Soral smiled, "Let me worry about this, my son." It was then that it became evident that Soral was cooking Severine and Soval’s favourite meal. "I need your mother back."

“I assume that is part of the plans you wish to share,” Soval said simply. His father rarely failed in an objective he set his mind to and he, for one, did not doubt his father would stop at nothing to be reunited with his wife. “In your wish to bring our mother back to us… I can only wish you every success. I will do what I can to help.”

Soral stopped a moment and stared at his son. "I am proud of the man you have become."

"I am but a product of genetics and my upbringing. Therefore, you are also expressing pride in yourself, negating your earlier assertion that you wished you had been a better father." Soval stated simply as he continued to chop the herbs. "For certainly our biological mother taught us little of anything."

Soral raised an eyebrow. "When did you develop a funny bone, as Lexi would say." He shook his head. "Stop being pigheaded and let's get dinner done. Then we have work."

“Indeed,” Soval nodded, “the herbs are ready.”

They assembled their meal and sat at the table. "Alright, tomorrow I shall get the information that is needed. I have a job for you. There is a member of the Vulcan High Council. He is … a fan of the writings of Shar of Vulcan, my counterpart here. He has lunch at the Gavel Tea house daily and it is there that you will meet him reading a book of Shar's. Convince him that you too love the writings and that you have met Shar. Then have him send a message to my personal code. The Standing Bear is out of range so I will be able to intercept."

Soval listened while he ate, "a simple enough task. You believe his appreciation of these writings will encourage him to vote to leave the Federation?"

"He will vote to leave the Federation, the goal is to have him invite Shar of Vulcan to Speak. Starfleet will have no recourse but to send the Standing Bear to pick up its rogue crew member and Alexandra will come to me. After your task there I have booked transport for you and I we have a mirror image to capture."

Soval considered this. "Boarding the ship is going to be a risk, father, if that remains your intent," he cautioned and not for the first time. "A small crew can be close knit, you must be cautious. And of course, this Alexandra and Soral share a bond. How do you intend to overcome this and avoid detection?"

He knew his father would dismiss any risk based upon just his well being, and so his son had deliberately chosen his words with care to emphasise the risk to his plans. Here, on a planet where Vulcan seemed to be contemplating regaining their own voice in the galaxy, it was an opportunity his father could not turn from. Even if this were not their real home world, it was a cause he had fought for all of his life. And here it seemed to be within touching distance. If he could sway more supporters. Of course he could not do so with the Soral of this world roaming the galaxy or, even worse, attending the vote.

Soral raised an eyebrow, "I believe Alexandra's people have a phrase for this. Oh ye of little faith." He took a bite of his dinner taking the time to enjoy it before turning to Soval. "I have personal cloaks for you and me, as for the bond. I have a plan there as well." Soral stood and walked to a drawer in the dinning area. "This device, you will attach it to my mirror image before you dump him on a moon, asteroid, I don't care where just keep him alive. It will keep him unconscious, let me tap his memory, and subdue the bond so that I can get Lexi's Katra transferred into the right host."

Soval took the small device, turning it over in his hands. "Most impressive."

"Indeed, I will make sure you have many impressive things before you go home." He sighed. "I keep thinking what our lives would have been like here, in this universe."

“It is illogical to dwell on such things, we cannot change our past. But with technology from this universe we can make our future better,” Soval pointed out.

"Indeed, and so will your moving to the First Federation." They ate the rest of their meal and cleaned up "Well I think we should turn in for the night and tomorrow is a big day."

“We do,” Soval agreed as he stood. “I shall tend to the kitchen first before finding a bed, I believe I found the room belonging to my other self earlier…”

Soral gave a nod.



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