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Mirror World - Aftermath pt IV

Posted on Saturday, 11 September 2021 - 1:29pm by Lieutenant Alex Kingsley & Commander Soral

Mission: Operation: Lazarus
Location: Mirror Universe | Vulcan | Shi'kar City
Timeline: Current

Previously on Mirror World....

They're minds began to link. It was in that moment that the children could truly see the depth of their father's love for Alex. As her consciousness joined with their minds an image of her came to life. A final chance to say goodbye.

They were seemingly once more in the clearing of the picnic although the world around them was indistinct, blurred as if it were a water payment. Only the five of them felt solid, Alexandra standing in the middle of them all facing her husband. “My love,” she breathed, touching his cheek. “I’m so sorry.”

Then something happened that in all the years none gathered had seen. Soral fell to his knees and wept. "I will bring you back...I promise."

Saying nothing she simply held him. Comforting him before she knelt down to face him, “promise me only that you will never stop being the father your children need and never stop fighting for our cause.”

"I don't think I can do this without you."

And Now The Continuation....


“You can and you will,” she replied forcefully, her tone brokering no argument or hinting at any doubts. “You have a responsibility to our children, to Vulcan. The Borg must be stopped or there is no future for any of us.”

Soral studied her a moment as if memorizing her completely. He looked up at his children and then stood. He motioned for them to take the time with there mother because a plan began to fully form in his mind. He saw his path ahead and while they were all distracted he would put the puzzle together.

“You all need to be strong for your father, and your brothers and sister,” Alexandra said as she turned to face her step children. “We can all feel your guilt, Soval but it is not your fault. I am trusting you and N’Vek to teach my little knights how to be fierce warriors. You were all by brothers and my sister for so long. I love all of you.”

Soval, N'vek and Severine embraced her fiercely. It was Severine who whispered. "His rage and pain is great. I hope I can keep him with us."

“If anyone can,” Alexandra whispered, “it is you.”

When they'd said their goodbyes Soral stepped forward taking Alex's hand. "It is time, I have found the perfect place for your Katra. It is your time, my love, to rest." There was a coldness to him at that moment, the simmer of hot rage beneath the surface, a pain that her loss would keep raw for the rest of his life.

She nodded, gripping his hand tightly. She stepped closer, her love for him swelling and dwarfing her own grief and sadness. She didn’t speak, simply leaning in to kiss him softly as she seemed to simply fade from existence as the bond between them severed.

The pain at a severed bond is something that can scarcely be described. It is not so in cases of divorce, rare on Vulcan, nor is it the case in bonds forged without emotion, as was with his previous wife. Bonds like the one he shared with Alexandra, mind, body, soul, heart were rare and when they did get destroyed or ripped apart by death it was a pain beyond all tolerance. A pain that would make a Klingon whimper and cry.

A cry of a wild beast tore from his lips and he fell to the ground holding his head. Suddenly they were not in the meld but back in the room, his wife's body still on the bed, still in an endless sleep. The elder sons, Soval and N'vek, and Severine the eldest daughter all felt a ripple of the pain but not the full force. It was his daughter, so in tune with her emotions that knelt by her father and instead of a meld she simply held him as he wept. She looked at her brothers who quickly kneeled. They would need to meld with him to work on the severed connections of his telepathic mind. Like stripped wires now they bounced inside his aching skull.

It took several moments, several attempts but finally they melded as a family sharing their grief, sharing their pain, and soothing the broken links. Severine, who'd studied with the healers was able to best help her father with telepathic connections. When the meld was done the boys took to caring for Alex's body ensuring all the proper rights were started while Severine helped her father to his study.

Guiding her father into a chair, Severine worried for him. While they had done what they could as a family to help him cope with the broken bond it did not erase his grief and anger. And in anger her father was capable of anything. She left his side for just a moment to prepare some herbal tea, knowing words would be of little comfort. Pressing the cup into his hands she had to guide it to his lips, ensuring he drank.

And there, on the table before him was the archaic looking box which held the device - the cause of it all.

Soral studied the box brooding on it. He finally spoke. "That box...was to save our people, to save the universe from the Borg and it cost me my wife and you, my children, your mother. It is also the box that will reverse the evil done."

“You cannot let her sacrifice be in vain father,” Severine urged him. “The device will take you to the other universe but you must follow your plan. The Borg advance every day, we must find a way to stop them. No harm will come to the boys or my sister while you are gone, I swear it.”

He put the tea cup down and then took her hands. "I know it will not. N'vek will stay here with you. I will get what we came for I promise that but I will also bring back your mother's double and with fusion she will be here with us again."

“I would ask how you plan to achieve this but you are always resourceful father,” Severine mused. “If N’Vek is staying, what of Soval? He wants to go hunting.”

"He will come with me. He will bring back the information we need and a way to take down the Borg. Then he will help implement that." He paused and studied her. "There is something that I must say."


"Vulcans show no pride, Romulans too much so to their … determent. I have been Vulcan, more so then Romulan. You Severine are a great source of pride for me. You are a warrior but yet pure of soul in a way none of us are. I have so much pride for you and in you."

She studied him for a long moment, concern in her eyes although she did not voice it. “Thank you, father. We have all only wished to make you proud.”

"And you have. I am about to place a burden on you Severine. I know that it is much to ask but it is necessary."

Severine knew her father well enough to know he always chose his words with care and therefore knew whatever he was about to ask of her must be important. “Anything father,” she prompted.

He sighed, “Seleya, she is the…most vicious of us will take care of T’Paris and her aids and associates. She will show no mercy. I will try to bring Alexandra Kingsley back with me but I may fail. I must consider the possibility.”

“The First Federation, it is the only empire that has resisted the Terrans. There is talk that true freedom is found there for everyone, all planets live in peace. There, the heart of the region is New Vulcan, a planet of Vulcans and Romulans that have escaped this…hell we live in. They are backwards, not so technologically inclined in life but can defend themselves and are protected by the might of the First Federation.

When Soval returns you will take the information and copy it. One copy will be given to the Vulcan council and they can use it as they wish. Then you will pack our home, your brothers, sister, N’vek, Seleya and Soval and you will journey there. Fang, my old Ferengi Associate will help get you there safely. There you will begin a new life. You will be the healer you were meant to be, Soval, the artist he was meant to be and N’vek and Seleya the defense warriors. Your lives will be peaceful and there, into the hands of the First Federation Council, you will put a copy of the information Soval will bring back. They will, I am sure, rid the system of the Borg and supremacy of the galaxy will be theirs. There will be peace. If not at least they will be able to protect their home and you will all be safe. If I return with Alex we will all live there happy, if not I will know that you all will be safe and live good lives.”

Severine’s eyes had widened as he spoke. Abandoning their home… Soral had committed considerable time, effort and a sizeable fortune creating the vast estate they considered ‘home’. To leave it?! “If you think it is necessary then yes,” she said after a moment, “I will see to it. Father… you will come back to us even if you cannot bring her back?”

He smiled a little even though his grief was great. "Perhaps... But Fang will pay for this estate, as you know he has a bigger fortune and stake here then I. All this," He waved his hands. "Are things. Take what is precious to you, what furniture you wish to have there and Fang will pay a price that we agreed to. Trust me he will be honourable in this. You will not want when you are in the First Federation. They … reached out to me weeks ago and made an offer of a better life. I was too arrogant and stupid to take it and it cost me.. Now you must honour me, honour Alexandra by living happy and safe lives. I will return but if I do not then I will rest knowing you will all be well."

Severine processed this silently before throwing her arms around him. “I will make sure of it father,” she vowed. Once she had some semblance of control she straightened, clearing her throat, “we must make preparations as soon as you are able.”

He gave a nod and hugged her. "Tomorrow. Tonight we will have family time. Bring your brothers, their wives, we will eat dinner honour Alexandra and tomorrow we begin."

“Yes father,” Severine nodded, taking her leave to allow him privacy to grieve.



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