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Revalations: Part I

Posted on Tuesday, 23 March 2021 - 11:06am by Commander Soral & Lieutenant JG Maximus Mackenzie & Lieutenant T'Lanna Vali & Lieutenant Alex Kingsley

Mission: Operation: Trail of Tears
Location: USS Standing Bear | Various
Timeline: 2394 (After the Away Team Reuturns)


Mac walked young N'vek from the tactical training room. Soral had asked him to keep an eye on the boy and to give him some training and prep with respect to Vashti. How did one prepare for Vashti? He had lived there and it was constant combat and readiness and poverty...Mac was almost sat to see the boy heading there but there was nobody else.

Deciding that the boy needed a treat he brought him to the mess hall. Spying Vali and Kingsley at a table they headed that way.

"Hello ladies, can N'vek and I join you?"

T’Lanna smiled warmly as she looked towards N’vek, she’d felt like a mother hen around him ever since he’d come onboard. “I have no objections” She looked towards Alex.

“Of course you can,” Alex agreed.

T’Lanna grinned and motioned to N’vek that he was welcome to sit with her if he liked. She didn’t want to push too much affection his way especially after the loss of his father.

N'vek said nothing but did give a nod. He sat down. Mac hurried away and was back with a large bowl of iced cream. "This is called iced cream, N'vek. Why don't you try some?"

The boy looked around. "I am allowed to?"

“Only if Mac gets ice cream for everyone,” Alex said as she stuck her tongue out in her friend’s direction. “Chocolate. Or you’ll make me sad.”

He grinned and after getting T'Lanna's order he was off and back quickly. He settled into his chair handing the ladies their iced cream and then snagging a strawberry one for himself. He picked up his spoon as N'vek watched them eat and he took tentative bite. "Ohhh cold."

“Touch the top of you mouth with your tongue, it helps combat what we humans call brain freeze,” Alex grinned as she scooped up some more ice cream, “cold but delicious.”

T’Lanna grinned as she watched N’vek enjoying his ice cream, she spooned up some of her own and savoured it. “This comes in all kinds of flavours N’vek, anytime you want to try some just ask.” She smiled warmly. “I’ll be going to visit my son in a little while, he’s in Sickbay but he’s coming home shortly. You’re welcome to see him if he like.”

A sadness settled over N'vek. Suddenly he realized that he was nobody's son anymore. A feeling of aloneness settled over him. "'s okay." The last thing he needed was to be reminded of what a family looked like. He'd lost his mother and now his father. What would become of him.

T’Lanna gave N’vek a worried look. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to upset you. I know it’s hard being here after what’s happened.”

He shrugged. "It is what it is."

T’Lanna gently gave N’vek a hug before releasing her grip. “We know nothing about your family N’vek, can you tell us more? It might help me to find someone who can care for you.”

He shrugged, "Nothing to tell. My father was an engineer, an orphan, my mother was Tal Shiar...I don't know where she is, also an orphan."

Mac burst in, "So your mother may still be alive? She wasn't on the ship?"

He shook his head. "She was on assignment. I saw her sometime before we left on the ship."

“She’s Tal'shiar?” T’Lanna looked at N’vek in surprise. “That could make finding her difficult.”

Suddenly hope entered the boys face. "I know where she was assigned....I heard her talking to my father. They thought I was asleep."

“Where N’vek? Where was she assigned?” T’Lanna gave him a curious look.

"A Federation starship. There was a grandson...of a Romulan. She was to bring him back to Romulus, to his grandfather...the USS Essential."

Mac who had been drinking choked on his drink. He coughed to clear his lungs. He looked up at Alex.

Alex shot him a look and a small shake of her head. The USS Essential... Soral had been posted there early in his career. Very early. She thought of the conversation she had overheard back on Jupiter station. About Soral and his grandfather. “We can try to find her, I make no promises but we will try,” she assured their guest.

Mac cleared his throat. "Do you know what your mother's name is... I mean Tal'shiar she would have a code name."

The boy gave a nod. "Her real name is Anandrine but her code name is Evesta."

Mac paled.

T’Lanna looked at Mac then back at N’vek. She knew that name.

Mac studied the boy. Soval and Severine were half siblings to this boy and the boy was indeed an orphan, Evesta having died in child birth. He sighed. "Listen Alex and I have to go back to work. Counselor can you spend some time with N'vek?"

Alex was still processing what the boy had said when she heard Mac speak up. She flashed him a small, grateful smile as she stood and picked up her bowl. “Not too much ice cream,” she cautioned as Mac came to her side.

The two headed out and then came to a stop just outside. "Are you alright?" He asked.

“Me? Are you kidding?! It’s Soral I’m worried about. Because we both know what Soral will want to do, Severine and Soval are all the family he has. Which makes him our family. You know Soral, family is everything but Evesta? She hurt him.”

Meanwhile T’Lanna was enjoying her time with N'vek, she knew he’d have to be told about his mother but she’d need to talk to Soral about it first. That was going to be difficult enough.

He sighed. "Yes, yeah. And he didn't know that she was Tal'Shiar this is not going to be an easy convo given the call he got from Vulcan this morning from your mother."

“What call?” Alex said slowly, frowning. And, almost impossible to hear, a touch of anger. Why was she last to know?

He sighed. "You know that family that he helped out on the station when he was hurt."


"You know that the man brought his child to stay at the house on Vulcan. This morning Laura woke and he was gone leaving the baby with a note saying that he could not care for the child and that he was broken with the loss of his wife. He asked Soral and you to raise Seleya as your own."

“He what?! Oh God, I think I’m gonna be sick...” Alex leaned her head back against the wall. How could he leave his child?!

"I don't know, neither does Soral. He came to see me he was a mess but he wouldn't let the child be abandoned. He's looking for the father but he won't turn Seleya away having been abandoned himself as a child. He was going to talk to you about it tonight, he N'vek...he won't do anything that hurts or upsets you."

“I’m not some Disney villain who is going to throw kids out on the street,” Alex quipped, “but this is not just me and Soral. We are here, my mother is the one back on Vulcan dealing with it all.”

"Yes." He put an arm around her. "You two will figure this out. But look on the bright side."

She narrowed her eyes, “what?”

"You have three kids and none of the pregnancy weight.”

“Haha,” she muttered drily. Shrugging off his arm she started walking, “you and Haru could always adopt? Or are you two wanting the honeymoon period to last?”

He sighed. "Haru and I, at the moment, are complicated." He sighed.

“Are you still leaving the toilet seat up?” She teased. After a moment she took his arm and tugged him along. “Tell your pretend younger, hot sister what’s wrong?”

"How much time do you have?"

“As much time as you need,” she assured him.

Meanwhile back in the lounge T’Lanna was enjoying her mothering practice with N’vek, he was a very sweet boy and she could only hope he’d grow up to be as nice a man. “I know I’ve said it before but I am sorry about your father N’vek, I understand how you must feel. When I was young my mother and I were assimilated by the Borg, I only recently found her again but she wasn’t alive.” She paused. “I will do everything I can to help you find a new home, and you’re always welcome to visit or call me if you want to.”

He gave a nod. "Thank you. Perhaps my mother can be found."

T’Lanna didn’t have the heart to tell N’vek about his mother yet. “Perhaps”



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