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Rescue Plan | Part III-A

Posted on Saturday, 21 August 2021 - 11:38am by Captain Barret Stillwater & Commander Soral & Lieutenant Ryan Rose MD & Lieutenant Alex Kingsley & Lieutenant JG Adrianna Eberhardt & Lieutenant JG Hayashi Hamura
Edited on on Monday, 23 August 2021 - 11:33am

Mission: Operation: Lazarus

Captain Stillwater barely reached the table, hadn't even taken a seat before slamming his fist down on the table. "What the hell was that?" he said, not seeking an answer from anyone present. "I have been in Starfleet long enough to go through a Klingon Civil War, fought them in the Federation-Klingon War, and alongside many of them in battle during the Dominion War. Never once in all my years have I had Klingons ramsack a starship by transporters and scurry away from a fight."

Adrianna nodded, "it seems bizarre to have a lone vessel take on a starship. I know we're not big, but there was a lot they could have taken. The things they did take though-- stronger yet. I'd expect something like that from a desperate captain not a Klingon who believes in honour. What kind of trophy is a crate of food?"

"They were heavily armed, which may have made them more confident attacking us," Alex reasoned, "but it certainly goes against what they taught us about Klingons at the Academy... which, logically opens up another question. Was it Klingons who attacked us? Undoubtedly a Klingon ship, yes. But as you have both said the tactics, stealing supplies and running when really they could probably have done even more damage... it doesn't fit. And we detected them because of a malfunction in their cloak, sir. Why didn't they hang back and repair it instead of coming at us? If they had, we'd have had even less warning."

"Their tactics reminded me of the Maquis," Stillwater commented taking in the information. "When they were raiding cargo vessels, not with the intent to destroy, but to grab and go," noted the Captain. "Concur?" Inquired Stillwater looking over at Soral.

Soral gave a nod. "Indeed." He looked over at Hamura knowing the pain coursing through the Engineer's body. He'd done his best with a med kit but...Rose would have to look at the wound.

Stillwater then thought of Lieutenant Vali. "Deck five is another problem. Lieutenant Kolani is convinced that Lieutenant Vali is still alive. I kept him out of this briefing for personal reasons, I have to entertain the real possibility she and the others are deceased, but I have no plans on making this a body recovery operation if there's a chance anyone in that lab is alive."

Stillwater pivoted to the Chief Medical Officer. "Doctor, what are we looking at with Trellium-D radiation exposure to Lieutenant Vali and those that may be with her down there?"

Ryan stopped typing on his PaDD. "I apologize sir, I'm micromanaging a bit. That was the latest report from Science. "Still no concrete scans from inside the lab, so it's hard to tell. If they are completely unshielded, I'm afraid we are looking at a body recovery. But they are experienced officers, and they did have a radiation exposure kit with them." Ryan also wasn't willing to give up hope. "I think we have cause to be hopeful."

"Then we will proceed with hope and be on the side of caution," replied Stillwater. "Ensign Hamura," he said looking at the woman who was heading their Engineering Department. "I know deck five took a lot of damage, what are we looking at overall?"

Hamura paused a second gathering their thoughts. "We have holes in the deck with forcefields holding, several structural deformities, We are under thruster bower." Hamura then launched into the technical part where the nitty gritty came out. Several eyes glazed over and Hamura could clearly see it. Sora, however, was following.

The Captain listened to the engineering report. It sounded like a structural nightmare, and there was a gaping hole in the hull. Several members of the crew unaccounted for, presumably immediately lost to the vacuum of space before emergency force fields were enacted, but with the power issues the ship was experiencing on that deck, it was risky to send anyone down there. That was without factoring in the radiation.

"Sounds like we are going to need plasma torches and a lot of other engineering tools to get access to that deck unless we take the Jefferies system?" he proposed to the engineer.

"Pretty much and even that will be risky."

"Regardless, I want anyone spearing this rescue mission to hit the armory on deck two and gear up in EV suites. I think that's the safest course of action. Do you concur, Doctor?"

The completely pragmatic side of him wanted to not risk further life. But that was completely impossible with close personal friends on the inside. "EV suits, and pre radiation therapy, as well as extra radiation kits. I should go, sir. I'm the most equipped to handle any complications."

“I would like to go too,” Alex added. “I know my labs, and I’m used to working in the confines of suits in the biohazard lab.”

Ryan nodded at Alex's appraisal. She was right, and as much as he didn't want any more friends in danger, she was the obvious choice. He was sure the Captain would see it that way as well.

Adrianna was obviously thinking." If you don't mind, sir, I'll need to physically sit this one out for two reasons." She was referring to her husband and unborn child. She just knew her husband would kill her for taking any risks, and frankly, she would be focused on him getting out anyway.

"I don't make it a habit of placing a woman and unborn child in danger, no offense," Stillwater replied. Any other time, he would have smirked, but right now was not the time given the circumstances. "Commander Soral would be at more risk as a Vulcanoid" added the Captain.

Stillwater had listened to each of them. He personally did not want to send Lieutenant Kingsley, but she had a valid point. "Doctor Rose, Lieutenant Kinglsey, and Ensign Hamura," Barret said in quick succession. "An additional engineer or two if needed. Doctor Rose, this is a medical mission. You'll have command in this case. Your orders are to be followed."

"Yes sir." Ryan nodded. It wouldn't be the first time he'd led a medical mission, he just hoped that things worked out on this one.

"Captain," Soral spoke up.

"Commander Soral?" Stillwater replied. He anticipated Soral may object to being 'benched' on this.

"I would like to Volunteer instead of Lieutenant Kingsley. I've worked with Trell D before and … I believe that Science would best be served on sensors."

Barret had considered it, but opted against it. "I'm sorry, but right now I need you on the Bridge, Commander. Talarn is below decks helping clearing the injured. I need my best tactical Officer at tactical in the event that Bird-of-prey returns to pick our bones."

"Mac is better then me." He didn't want Alex anywhere near the Trell D." His eyes shifted towards her knowing she'd be staring bloody murder at him.

"Mac is not First Officer," Stillwater replied. "If anything happens to me and I'm unable to continue commanding on the Bridge, I want you there to take over. We don't gave time to draw out this disagreement. If we have people alive and trapped on deck five, their time is crucial."

Stillwater looked at Doctor Rose. "You have your orders, dismissed."


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