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Rescue & Recovery | Part III-B

Posted on Wednesday, 25 August 2021 - 8:33pm by Lieutenant JG Jodon Joral & Commander Soral & Lieutenant Ryan Rose MD & Lieutenant Alex Kingsley & Lieutenant JG Hayashi Hamura
Edited on on Wednesday, 25 August 2021 - 8:33pm

Mission: Operation: Lazarus
Location: USS Standing Bear | Deck 02 | Armory


==Deck 2 - Armoury==

Hamura was fuming! Hurrying into an EVA suit and gathering all that was needed Hamura pulled out a device that only Hamura would know about. "Damn her! Why the hell was she there?" Fumbling into the suite Hamura secured the device to their ear before turning it on. If Soral's readings had been on the point that meant... "Nope! Not going there. Where the hell is everyone!" Hamura hit the coms panel, "Hello! Anyone joining me on this rescue thing?"

Already stripped out of her uniform jacket, Lieutenant Kingsley entered the room and began suiting up. Leaving her helmet, for now, she called up a schematic showing the damage to the containment lab and surrounding deck. They needed an in, but the structural damage was not making it easy. Unfortunately just beaming in was impossible for the same reasons they couldn't just bean out everyone trapped on the deck. While they waited for Dr. Rose and Lt. Joral, she initiated a system check on the suit to check the life support and comms.

Hamura sighed. "I guess he didn't nerve pinch you to keep you safe."

“Quite,” Alex commented, refusing to be drawn on her brief encounter with her husband, or ask how the engineer even knew of it.

"Well, I kind of figured he'd try." Hamura grinned. "Alright, then I guess it's up to me to make sure you're okay."

“No - your job is to focus on our people and Dr. Rose’s orders,” Alex corrected her in a tone that brokered no argument.

"Yeah...okay." Hamura was not letting Soral down. "Your husband can be quite...uptight about your safety."

The young-looking Trill from science, Lieutenant Jodon Joral was usually sunshine and rainbows thanks to the host's chipper disposition. However, the Joral symbiote leveled him out as he got suited up. He had a tricorder with him that he had hodgepodged and tinkered with to act as a bit of a Geiger counter to measure radiation levels. "I hope they are alive," he said as they waited on Doctor Rose.

"We all do," Alex told him as Dr Rose entered.

In silence, everyone finished suiting up before Ryan handed each member of the rescue team a small device. "I want a continual measurement of radiation levels." He explained. Then he checked everybody's suit for any breaches. "Ok, Alex. You are the most familiar with the labs. Where's our best access point?"

“This is our best data on the damage to the labs…” Alex pointed out, her voice filtering through the helmets of her teammates as she called up a display. “It looks as though we can get outside the lab using Jeffries tubes - there is a maintenance hatch that opens up on the corridor outside the lab. There is structural damage though so the path may not be easy going. If the path is clear, there is a hatch that opens just a few meters from the converted lab we were using for the Trel D.”

As she spoke she had traced the path they would need to follow to take them from their current position on deck two, down to deck five. It was, thankfully, not a long journey. Her alternative, should that prove impossible, was a lot more explosive in nature and would require them to use the EV suits to take a walk along the hull... she didn't want to do that if they could help it and it was a plan that was far too dangerous for anyone trapped in an area that would then the exposure to deep space so the team could get inside the ship again.

"We go straight down, then to the right until we reach the third maintenance hatch. But after that, we are going to need to deal with the debris, not just the radiation."

Hamura gave a nod. "We'll have to be careful. I'm going to bring up a holo of the area. I hope ya'll have good memory cause I'm about to tell you where we can cut and where we cannot cut."

Alex groaned inwardly as Hamura gave them a rushed guide to ensure they didn’t do more harm than good. The damage seemed even more extensive and here she had been worried about her probes surviving the mission while her whole department looked like a war zone and - even worse - had people trapped inside.

"It's more than just the Trell D team. There will be others," Hamura said. "I..." Suddenly something caught Hamura's eye. "Impossible!"

“Ensign?” Alex prompted, her impatience clear. “What’s impossible?”

"I'm...getting a coms patch through the ops console! There is someone alive least an Engineer. Trying to clear it up, it's weak but...' Hamura's hands flew over the table panel. "Come on...just a small boost... Got it! Coms coming through..."

=^= Vali to whoever can hear me! We’re alive down here!! Need... help, people are..” She looked around for a moment. “suffering down here! Please help us!! Radiation leaking... we’re all exposed...=^=

Hamura looked up. "We have to go now! We have to get them out." Hamura looked at the doc. "Doc if we took some shots can that help them now...until we can get them out...also I have an idea."

"Hamura, what do you mean?" Ryan didn't understand what the flustered Ensign was trying to ask him. If they took shots could be anything from hypos to phaser shots at the hull. "What's your idea?"

"Sorry," Hamura had to admit a personal stake in this but that was no reason to lose calm. "I...mean anti-radiation shots and we need to bring muscle security to take people out along the way. We need to create a transporter pad that's portable from site to site. I can do that. I can use this room and a point where radiation is low."

"If you can get a site-to-site transport working, that would be ideal," Ryan replied hopefully. "I've already administered a heavy dose of anti-radiation shots to us all. Another dose would be more harm than good. Our best bet at this point is to get them out of there as soon as possible. We'll have to move them ourselves though. By the time we got more people suited up.." He let it trail off.

"We can start in and let the others join us as we're ready. I'm going to grab the transporter pads from T1 with your permission and then meet you at the entrance site."

At Ryan's nod, Hamura was off towards the nearby transporter room. As they walked towards the entrance to the maintenance shafts and Jeffries tubes, Alex hurried to keep pace with Ryan. Soral's plan to be able to beam her out if anything went wrong was too good an option to keep private. It could literally save a life.

“Soral also gave me this, in case anything went wrong,” Alex told Ryan, indicating the device on her wrist as they kept moving. “He said it can create a clear pocket for a few minutes to allow beam out. I’m not entirely sure of its range but might let us beam the people in the lab to sickbay if we can get to them? The radiation we can beam in scrubbers to start decontamination work but our people need to be a priority.”

Ryan looked at the device. "I doubt it's got much of a range, but hopefully it will be enough."

“If it helps get T’Lanna and the others out, it’ll be worth its weight in gold. Alright, Hamura is going to catch up so… I guess we go?”

Joral was already leading the way, with Alex bringing up the rear. She knew Hamura would not be long and expected the engineer to appear at her back any second. "Is it looking okay?" she asked as they reached Deck 5, opening one of the access doors leading into the Jeffries tube. God, she hated confined spaces like this... especially when they were in darkness. She only hoped they could get all the way to the hatch they wanted, otherwise, it would be a lot more work and a lot more time to get to T'Lanna and anyone else still alive.

Ryan nodded at Alex. "Almost there."

Hamura high-tailed their ass back to get the portable transporter Padds and a power pack. They never know when they needed it. As Hanura rounded the corner of the little Engineering storage locker on this deck a familiar shadow settled over them. "Senpai."

"Alex is your priority. Clear?"

Hamura's lips flattened. "Yes sir. I'll make sure she gets back."

"I gave her a tracker bracelet she'll want to use it to help others."

Hamura smiled. "But you knew that."

"Yes, she has a tracker on her jacket signal me if there is trouble and I'll yank her out."

Hamura sighed. "You're a real macho jerk you know Senpai?"

"Indeed," Soral said turning and leaving. Hamura sighed and headed back to join the group.

{OFF - To Be Continued}


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