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Let There Be Photons! - Part I

Posted on Thursday, 23 September 2021 - 6:21pm by Commander Soral & Captain Barret Stillwater & Lieutenant Ryan Rose MD & Lieutenant Alex Kingsley & Lieutenant Scarlet Rogers

Mission: Operation: Lazarus
Location: Bynaus | Laboratory
Timeline: Current


It was not your every day away mission that brought the Captain with his yacht to Bynaus, the home world of the mysterious and technologically advanced species the Bynar. They were small about the height of a Ferengi though their heads were large and almond-shaped. Their skin tones had slight variations of pinks and purples lavenders and lilacs. They were arguably the foremost experts on cybernetics and other matters of software. It was a last-ditch effort to see if they could bring their Emergency Medical Hologram back from the brink of self-termination, a Lazarus effect if they could, and if anyone could do it, it would be the Bynar.

Several members of the Standing Bear's crew had accompanied Captain Stillwater including his First and Second Officers. The starship was in safe hands as it was being towed to the closest Federation starbase in the Beta Magellan system, not far from Bynaus itself. Lieutenant Scarlet Rogers was brought along for her own expertise, had been working on trying to restore Emerick's program herself. She had made significant progress, though unable to bring the program back completely, she was able to salvage just enough of the hologram's program to uncover phantom files and ghost subroutines, things that had not entirely been erased in the hologram's act of self-termination.

The group of Starfleet Officers was gathered in a laboratory where a few pairs of Bynar were roaming around interacting with several consoles. They were an inquisitive species although Stillwater knew his officers were likely as curious about the Bynar as they were about them. They were a species that essentially worshipped a 'master computer,' one that all Bynar were connected to in some fashion, and in part, the Bynar were connected in pairs of two. They thought alike, shared memories, shared experiences, and could finish one another's sentences. In fact, it was rare for one Bynar to say a complete sentence. One would start while the other finished.

"Commander," Stillwater said looking at his First Officer. A pair of Bynar approached with their hands extended. They knew what the Starfleet crew was there for. "I believe our friends are looking for Emerick's program."

Soral sighed. Emerick, on his world, was very different, at least he hoped. They'd done the same for their Emerick and the Bynars had given them back...their mad scientist, even madder. "Indeed." He stepped up to them. "We are here to ask for your assistance."

The pair of Bynars stopped and looked up at the tall Vulcan. "Indeed, you..."

"Are," Finished the second one. "What is it..."

"That you wish us to do?"

Soral shook his head. He'd always hated the way they talked. "Speak in full sentences." He muttered.

The Bynar's seem taken aback. "Vulcans are..."

"Not known for …."

"Their aggression."

Soral resisted the urge to phaser them. "I'm part Romulan." He sighed. "Our hologram committed Photonacide we need you to fix him."

The Bynar's turned to Stillwater. "What is …"


Stillwater looked at Soral briefly before tending to the Bynar. "What my First Officer is colorfully saying is that our emergency medical hologram sought to gain control over his program and chose to delete his existence, to erase all the coding, wipe all files, and terminate the program entirely."



Soral resisted the urge to phaser them again.

"It is a mark of a fascinating...."

"Evolution by your EMH. We will..."

"Work on getting it fixed." The Bynar's turned as one to the other officers. "And you..."

"Who are..."


"Me? Oh, uhh, I am Scarlet Rogers," the young officer replied, handing over a PaDD, "I have been working in getting the EMH restored for months. I could only get so far. I've got his renders but I can't fix his actual code properly, he put a self replicating deletion code in place, so the second I go to fix it, it breaks elsewhere."

"I am.."

"Pleased to meet..."

"You," they said.

“I’m Lieutenant Kingsley,” Alex offered up next.

"Doctor Rose." Ryan was next to introduce himself. "I have brought all of his professional logs, and of course we have his original program from Starfleet."

"Welcome...we shall," The first Bynar stared.

"Require your assistance if you..."

"Are willing."

“We are all here to help in any way we can,” Alex assured them.

"Commander, Captain..." The Bynars started.

"You are not needed...."

"Perhaps a rest in our mess hall."

Ryan would much rather get right to work, but he certainly didn't want to upset the Bynars. He looked briefly to Alex, ready to follow her lead.

“While they rest,” Alex spoke up, “please, show us how we can help.”

They Bynars lead Kingsley, Rose, and Rogers to a small lab. This is were the work would be done. The Bynars would code and weave the program while each of the three Starfleet members would be given a job to assist. While somewhat odd the Bynars understood this group. To Starfleet this was more then a program, if the ship's crew had come this far that meant that the EMH, circus, programs, and algorithms were more then a holographic projection.

Rose would be in charge of the logs and personality assessment and tweaks, Rogers would help with program data, and Kingsley would be ensuring that all logs and timelines since the deactivation would be entered into the program so that it was up to speed when Emerick finally emerged. They were clear with the group that this was not a short project. This would take a few hours if not a day to complete but with the help of a few more pair of Bynars the task would be completed.

Meanwhile Stillwater and Soral were sent off to the cafeteria spare tires of sorts and all they could do was await the results of the work.

To Be Continued...


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