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Posted on Tuesday, 4 January 2022 - 8:55pm by Commander Soral & Lieutenant JG Maximus Mackenzie & Ensign Oriana Skye Sety & Captain Pippa Whitley & Lieutenant T'Lanna Vali & Lieutenant K'Var & Lieutenant Ryan Rose MD & Lieutenant JG Adrianna Eberhardt & Petty Officer 1st Class Siana Ilian

Mission: Operation: Mirror of Madness
Location: Various
Timeline: 2395


Mac pressed his lips together not daring to look back. Two of his friends were close to death using one another's minds...souls whatever to stay alive. Vali was helping the nurse keep them stable and he was flying like a bat out of hell towards Vulcan. He looked at the read outs and damn near cheered when he saw a signal coms beacon.

Mac hit the switch. "Lieutenant Maximus Mackenzie to any Federation ship or Vulcan ship that can here this. SOS. We are in need of medical attention right away. Two down."

New mother or not, Adrianna was listening. She knew that voice. Standing up, she quickly went to the captain's office, "Captain, SOS call. It's from our shuttle."

Captain Whitley had been looking over at PaDD containing a report when the Standing Bear picked up on the signal. The Captain dropped the PaDD and looked at the officer. "Put them through," Pippa said swiftly.

Adrianna nodded and tapped a PaDD, throwing it up on a view screen.

Pippa listened to the transmitted message as the comm channel was opened. "Standing Bear to Mackenzie, hold tight. We will intercept you."

"Thank the Gods! Standing bear," Mac started. "We're running on max Soral is down he's dying and Hamura's linked to him...I don't know how long they have."

There was a brief burst of static and then a Vulcan voice. "Shuttle this is the Takor we are about the same distance as your ship. We will head your way as well."

"Fuck that!" Mac said. "I'm going to initiate a warp burst to bring us closer."

The Vulcan voice replied, "That is inadvisable and illogical."

"Fuck logic. Captain Whitley we're going to have to try."

T’Lanna sat in the rear with Soral, helping Kay’la to keep him and Hamura alive. She didn’t know exactly what to do, according to the mirror Hamura Soral had lost his bond with Alex. She knew how serious a broken bond was, without Alex and that bond Soral would die. She looked across at Hamura, who was looking as pale as Soral.

“Hold on Soral, Alex needs you!” T’Lanna gently held his hand. “We all need you.” She didn’t know what to do, and she hated that fact.

The Captain took their seat, front and center. "Helm, lay in a course, maximum warp. I don't care if we drop out right atop of them," quipped Captain Whitley. Pippa observed the helmsman working their flight controls. Pippa was in agreement with Mac's commentary on logic.

Reaching the comm controls on their armrest, the Captain began preparations. "Bridge to Sickbay, Doctor Rose you have wounded inbound."

Ryan tapped his combadge and responded. "I'm making preparations now. The emergency transport pad is cleared and ready."

Pippa took a deep breath. "Lieutenant K'Var be ready to lock onto their life signs once we drop out of warp. Beam them directly to Sickbay - all of them. We will worry about the shuttle later and tractor it in."

"Yes Captain" the Caitian Lieutenant said with a nod and started tapping commands into her console. It wouldn't only take the sensors of the ship seconds to lock on and obtain an transporter lock when they dropped out of warp.

In the shuttle Mac looked at Vali..." Vulcan diplomacy was a bit rough can you call the Vulcan ship if the bond was severed then they will have a healer that can deal with that."

“You think my Vulcan is much better?” T’Lanna grinned and nodded. “I’ll make the call. Soral is gong to need their healers. One way or another I’ll get them here.” With that she headed over to the comms.

"We got to try," Mac Smiled at her

T’Lanna nodded. “Damn right we do!” Patching through to the Vulcan ship she started off patiently waiting on a long response but soon lost her patience as she was kept dangling. “Ohh come on Dammit!! We don’t have forever!!

=/\= USS Standing Bear Bridge =/\=

Captain Whitley stood from their chair, turning sharply and looking at the intelligence officer. "Lieutenant Eberhardt, ring their pointed ears until they respond to someone - us or the shuttle. You tell them I am taking lead on this as members of the Federation, I demand their full assistance!" The Captain was ruffled. "If they don't hurry the hell up, they will be personally responsible for what happens to Shar of Vulcan, and I will hold them accountable."

"Yes, captain," Adrianna quickly got to work sending her usual 'polite' tone. If it was one thing that Adrianna knew how to do, it was use that tone.

As the Merian class starship dropped from warp, the Captain wasted no time. "K'Var, now!"

The Chief Tactical Officer quickly locked on to all the life signs and beamed them directly to the medical bay "we have them Captain."

Captain Whitley, now forward facing looked at the young Trill at the Ops station. "Petty Officer, reroute reserve power to the tractor beam. Lock onto to the shuttle and tractor it to the shuttle bay."

“Aye Captain,” Ilian replied quickly, her tone in contrast to the confidence with which she carried out her task. She glanced up, watching as the tractor beam secured the shuttle and began guiding it home.

Just as the ship began tractoring in the shuttle the Vulcan ship dropped out of warp. They sent a hail awaiting response.

Captain Whitley heard consoles chirping. It was a good indication that the Vulcans were responding. "Lieutenant Eberhardt let's hear what the Vulcans have to say. "

"Undetermined. They are currently, logically, contemplating the meaning of--" Adrianna paused, "incoming response from a Vulcan vessel. On screen for you, captain."

The face of the Vulcan captain appeared on screen. "We are five minutes away and have received the medical results your nurse transmitted from the shuttle. We ask that your doctor repair as much of the physical damage as we can...and since it appears that there is a Katric connection between the two individuals we shall assist with repairing both minds. I shall get our healer to be ready at your signal to transport over."

"Our shields are lowered. Transport as soon as you are within range, your assistance is needed immediately" replied Pippa. Captain Whitley knew every second mattered. They were not going to waste any of it. "Standing Bear Out."

=/\= Sickbay =/\=

Arriving in Sickbay T’Lanna tapped her comm badge. =^= Bridge, has the Vulcan ship responded yet? =^=

=^= "They seem to be more receptive to helping, and are en route."=^=

T’Lanna breathed a sigh of relief. “Well that’s something. Tell them we need an experienced healer here as soon as possible! I’ll stay here and wait for their arrival.”

Mac watched as Hamura and Soral were loaded on bio beds side by side. Their hands seemed to be locked in a death grip. He looked at Rose. "I don't think we should... separate them until the Vulcan team gets here. Soral's bond to Alex was broken."

Ryan nodded in agreement. "I think the best we can do is just try and keep them stable until the Vulcan healer arrives." He turned his attention to T'Lanna. "Can you grab a couple of warming blankets please." He then fiddled with both bio beds a bit, trying to get the patients settled and stable.

T’Lanna shook off her headache and nodded. “Not a problem.” She headed towards the storage cupboards grabbing out a couple of blankets, bringing them back she draped them gently across Soral and Hamura. “Hang on my friends, help is on the way.”

Mac, finally running out of the stimulant that the nurse had given him seemed to loose his feet and dropped to his knees. He'd guessed that in addition to the concussion there may have been a skull fracture. The mirror Hamura hit him pretty hard.

Kay’la rushed to Mac’s side motioning for other nursing staff to help Mac to a bio bed. “Doctor, I need you!”

Ryan came quickly over, calling out as he went. "Computer activate EMH." He then turned to Kay'la, he helped settle Mac the final bit onto the bio bed. He quickly did a scan. When he was relieved it was just a concussion, he felt guilty. 'just a concussion' was not a thought a doctor should have, but at least it was fully understandable and treatable. "Emerick, help Kay'la." Ryan ordered.

"Right away," the EMH responded. His activation had been one of the few since the crew had restored his program. He made his way over the Kay'la.

Kay’la smiled as she looked towards Emerick. “It’s nice to have you back Emerick.” With that she got to work alongside Emerick taking care of Mac.

Emerick nodded. "It is nice to be of use once again."



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