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Some blood, a neck pinch and so much mess…

Posted on Saturday, 22 May 2021 - 5:54pm by Lieutenant Alex Kingsley & Petty Officer 1st Class Siana Ilian & Commander Soral & Lieutenant Ryan Rose MD & Lieutenant Scarlet Rogers & Lieutenant JG Maximus Mackenzie & Lieutenant JG Jodon Joral & Lieutenant JG Kay’la

Mission: Operation: Neu Reich
Location: science labs
Timeline: MD11


Soral was seated on the main bridge. He was just about to hand over command to Stillwater, his shift being over, Petty Officer Harkin spoke. "Sir...unusual readings from the science lab. Fire suppression system is engaged!"

Soral's eyebrow rose. He convinced Stillwater to stay on the bridge and headed down himself. "Soral to Medical, there has been an emergency in the science lab. Please meet me there," He tapped out and then again, "Soral to Tactical, Mac meet me in the science lab." The trip seemed to take forever or was that his mind.

When he arrived he saw Alex and Scarlet and a few other science department people sitting clustered by the door. He resisted the urge to run. He quickened his pace and was by Alex's side. "What happened?"

Scarlet looked up at seeing Soral and then looked to Alex. The question had obviously gone to the science chief. Scarlet shifted uncomfortably at the commander, as she would any senior officer and went back to resting the back of her head on the wall near the doors.

“We can’t get inside the lab, Sir,” one of the petty officers told him when his chief didn’t answer straight away. He glanced up as the lights flickered. “We found them both out here. My tricorder picked up a fire inside but it appears to be out now. We figured helping the lieutenants to Sickbay was the priority?”

“There you are!” Alex smiled, her voice barely a whisper as she opened her eyes to see her husband kneeling beside her. She touched the side of his face, inadvertently leaving a smear of blood on his cheek. “Have you ever seen a unicorn? Or a Rhino?”

The two petty officers shared a bemused look.

Lieutenant Jodon Joral, the astrometric officer had been getting lunch in the mess hall when the incident occurred. It got around the ship fast that something had happened in the science labs. He had barely enough time to wash down his large bite of tuna fish sandwich with a gulp of his thick frothy vanilla milkshake, a subtle milk stache adorned his 'babyface' as he stammered out of the turbolift and down the corridor.

He was a joined Trill, still getting used to his symbiont. He had forgotten that he was lactose intolerant because the Joral symbiont's previous host loved milkshakes and steamers. His stomach was already in knots over what he heard happened, now this? The tuna fish and dairy were not getting along well in his gut.

"Lieutenant Kingsley! Oh Lieutenant, are you alright?!" He shouted seeing her state. He was concerned about his superior officer. He stumbled a bit and ended up charging down the corridor and losing his footing, knocking the lovebirds apart unintentionally of course, and causing Commander Soral to fall backward.

"I'm so sorry!" he exclaimed as he fell with the First Officer, landing atop of the man. "I'm sorry. Oh, I am just so very..." he nearly hyperventilated apologizing. His stomach was turning and he was looking right into Soral's eyes when he went to say 'Oh no but instead, a creamy off-putting liquid with fishy chunks came out of the young man's mouth and all over Soral's chest. His uniform was practically covered.

Between the blood and now vomit, Scarlet was actively wretching. It was safe to say she would have never survived in medical. She tried to look away but the wretching wouldn't stop and soon she added to Soral's bile collection and on the petty officer. "Oh gawd, oh gawd," Scarlet was mortified, her cheeks flushed with embarrassment and feeling warm from vomiting. Perhaps though, this would now even the playing field further to the commander's mistaken identity issue.

Jodon rolled off of Soral and held his hand to his mouth, gasping quietly. He could not believe it. Did he...yes, he did. He just vomited on the First Officer of the starship. "Commander, I am...sorry."

Scarlet put her hands over her mouth and timidly asked, though still wretching a little, "call it even?"

Soral sat there stunned. One minute he'd been kneeling next to Alex then he was horrified to learn she was hurt and bleeding and now two of his crew had actually vomited on him. Vulcan noses were quite sensitive. Females had it worse though. Many had to take numbing agents to be able to smell around humans. Vulcan males could not. A sudden burst of anger rose in him but he held it in check happy that his condition hadn't stopped him from holding his temper.

Both petty officers had watched the scene unfold in horror. "You go get Doctor Rose," Petty Officer Williams told his colleague, giving him a gentle shove to get him into motion, fearing his often space sick colleague would only add to the mess. Movement out of the corner of his eye sent him in the other direction.

"Erm, no, Lieutenant, you should stay right here with the others," be began, stepping in front of his department head as she climbed unsteadily to her feet. "Dr Rose will be right along. Ah, Lieutenant McKenzie! You, erm, may want to stay back. Unless you have a strong stomach."

"Mac!" Alex smiled as she squinted at her friend, reaching for his arm. "I think Soral needs some help. And a uniform."

Mac had witnessed the whole affair. He was supressing a grin, badly. "Naw," He said kneeling down to Alex. "This will just remind him of Thetis can ask him about that later." He said winking." He stood hurried to get an emergency med kit. He knew basic first aid so he would help stabilize everyone, Alex first.

“Scarlet first,” Alex insisted, pushing him away and in the general direction of Scarlet. Hopefully she had nothing left to throw up.

"Not on your life. You're bleeding." He tended to her knowing if he failed Soral would airlock him.

“So is she, and throwing up is way worse,” Alex retorted, although it came as a more mumbled jumble of words. She didn’t care if she aches or her arm was hanging of, Scarlet was her responsibility.

Mac's eyebrows rose to imitate Soral. "The more you talk the longer it takes to check her over. Now hush. Don't make me nerve pinch you, Soral showed me how."

“You wouldn’t dare!” she whispered as she snatched the medical tricorder and slid it across the floor where it came to rest beside Scarlet. “Oops. Now you will be nearer to her.”

He sighed, "Rules of triage the one mostly hurt, you're the only one bleeding." It was the last thing he said before nerve pinching her into unconsciousness.

He finished Alex stopping the blood and then then moved onto Scarlet. "Are you alright?"

Scarlet nodded, "just a bit shakey and ringing ears, sir. Think Alex said I was bleeding on my cheek, but... Well... I'm not a doctor for a reason, so just don't tell me, OK?" She paused, "think there was a surge. We both may need to be seen for electrocution. My hands are buzzing."

He looked down, "Yes don't worry. Medical is on the way. I will check you over. Just close your eyes okay." He knew what a fear of blood was like. Haru had it, it was why he gave up on Medical and went into security.

Scarlet did as told and took a breath, letting Mac help where he could.

Mac continued to help where he could even Soral joined in. He looked at Mac. "You know she will not be pleased."

"Yup. Would you have had me not treat her wound?"

"No... you did the right thing,' Soral said. "She needed sleep anyway. This will be restful."

From behind them, Petty Officer Zyan returned. Alone. The young man looked towards his fellow technician, "Williams, come give me a hand - there is no power to sickbay, doors are stuck -"

"You really need to read a tech manual Kyle," Williams chided the younger man, nevertheless setting off at a run. "Come on, I'll show you how it's done, as usual..."

"No need boys, I've got it," Petty Officer Ilian assured them as they approached the entrance to Sickbay. The diminutive figure of the Trill operations officer and former engineer had, in their absence, opened the doors wide enough for her to squeeze inside sickbay and sweep the room with her flashlight. "Doctor Rose?! It's Siana! Are you in here? Or, you know, anyone? Hellllooo?"

"Here!" Ryan called out. He was using the small light from his PaDD to rummage in the emergency supply cupboard.

"Are you okay?" the woman asked as she headed towards him, using her flashlight to try and help him find what he was looking for. Whatever that was.

Kay’la had been busy going over medical supplies when Sickbay went dark, making her way to the nearest storage cupboard in the dark she’d had to fumble to find a torch. Finally managing to find one she heard voices enter Sickbay. “I’ll be right there!” Making her way out into main sickbay she wondered just what was going on.

Turning towards the sound of the voice, Ilian was relieved to see the woman. "Are you alright?"

“I’m fine, I just hate having to search through cupboards in the dark” Kay’la offered a smile. “What happened?”

"We have injured," Ilian explained, aiming the beam of the flashlight towards the door where Williams stood and was momentarily blinded. "Sorry... but yeah, your power outage was a surge. But the labs had a cascade failure as far as I can tell...anyway, that bit isn't important. They need medics. Can you help? I'll see if I can do anything to get your emergency power online."

“That’s what we’re here for!” Kay’la nodded. “Power would be good but for now hand held tricorders will suffice.”

"I'll show you the way," Petty Officer Williams said as he gestured for the nurse to follow him, pausing to make sure she made it out of the gap, he quickly led her to the far side of the deck. "The two lieutenants... actually, maybe Lieutenant Joral too. He did throw up a lot -" he fell silent, sure the scene spoke for itself. Their XO covered in sick, two sheepish looking lieutenants and Kingsley out cold. He offered a nurse a small smile that clearly meant 'good luck'.

"At least we have lights round here," he offered, giving her a pat on the shoulder.

Kay’la nodded as she surveyed the scene. “Right.. first things first I suggest anyone in a icky mess whose not injured gets cleaned up, while I take a look at the wounded.” She moved across to Alex who was unconscious on the floor. “How long has Lieutenant Kingsley been unconscious?”

"I nerve pinched ten minutes ago," Mac said. "Had to stop the bleeding she was being difficult."

“Understood” Kay’la nodded wondering where Doctor Rose had gotten to.

Ryan arrived with a rather silly looking battery powered light attached to his forehead. But it left him with both hands free to work, so he paid the fashion statement no mind. He turned to Kay'la. "What do we have?" he asked quickly. His instinct was to go immediately to Scarlet, but she clearly wasn't grievously injured, so he kept to protocol.

Lieutenant Kingsley had to be nerve pinched, or so Lieutenant MacKenzie tells me. We’ve also got a lovely mess as well, as you can see!” She motioned to poor Soral.

Scarlet opened her eyes at Ryan's voice and offered a small smile. She knew he couldn't favour. The woman nodded softly and went back to breathing, trying not to be sick again.

Ryan gave Scarlet a private smile. He was glad to see she was mostly ok. Technically he shouldn't treat her, but with such a small medical staff, there was no way to avoid it, and he'd rather make sure she was completely fine himself. "Let's get them to sickbay." His gazed moved between Kay'la and Soral, knowing he'd need both of their help to move the patients.

Soral took of his barfed on jacket and tossed away the offending item. "Mac we shall need your assistance."

Mac gave a nod.



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