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The Show Must Go On

Posted on Thursday, 4 June 2020 - 8:12pm by Commander Soral & Lieutenant JG Yolen * & Lieutenant JG Maximus Mackenzie & Captain Barret Stillwater & Lieutenant Ryan Rose MD & Lieutenant T'Lanna Vali & Lieutenant Raith Kolani & Lieutenant Alex Kingsley & Lieutenant Talarn Zilth & Lieutenant JG Adrianna Eberhardt & Lieutenant JG Kay’la

Mission: Operation: Iktomi
Location: USS Fontana | Deck 07 | Cargo Bay 4
Timeline: 2393


Cargo Bay Four on the seventh deck of the starship had been the chosen location for the festivities. Cargo containers were moved around and cleared out. Tables were moved in and a buffet was set up along with some replicator units. Lieutenant Commander Soral was in charge of organizing the event with Commander Stillwater's support. The guest of honor would be arriving later.

Soral was both surprised and quite content to see that people had dropped off their gifts early. Those that had sent message Soral had collected them and had them engraved. As the door opened he saw Stillwater approaching. "Sir. You are early."

"I operate on Captain's time, Commander," Stillwater replied. He immediately joined Soral in placing the gifts. "I did not know how much help you would have getting ready. I thought I would come early and lend a hand."

"Thank you, Sir." Soral looked at all the gifts. "There is also a plaque with all the messages from the crew. With your permission once the official command relief is done would you like to assist me with the presentation of the plaque?"

"Of course, Commander, I would be honored to."

"Shall we invite the incoming crew as well?"

"I believe so, Commander."

He gave a nod. They finished the remaining touches and Soral walked over to the coms. "Attention all crew. Please report to Cargo Bay four immediately. for Command Change over."

He walked back and they covered the hover trolley with the gifts and the plaque so that it was a surprise for her. Soral had added his own gift. In addition to the plaque carvings of all the messages he'd forged a gift for her an image of the ship and crew standing in front of it carved on a sheet of Andorian Steele. It was vibrant and three dimensional and he'd started working on it long ago. It had taken hours of carving and he hoped that it reminded her that she was not alone.

"Computer, play music, something Earth 1940s to 1950s. Cocktail and lounge jazz," said Stillwater. He looked at the First Officer and gave a nod.

A few minutes later, Adrianna Baciami did decide to join. It was always nice to get a subtle insight on command on any new ship. She remained to the edge of the room though, keeping an eye out for anyone she actually knew.

Ryan arrived in a fresh uniform, and with a fresh haircut thanks to Emerick. He spotted one of their new crew members and nodded in greeting with a polite smile.

Adrianna simply just smiled back. He must have been medical - he looked too clean.

T’Lanna walked into the cargo bay, She couldn’t leave before joining in the party to say goodbye to Victrix. Seeing Ryan she made her way across to him. “Hi Ryan, looks like it’s going to be a fun night.” She nodded politely to Adrianna as she looked her way.

"I hope not," Ryan commented with a small smile. "Didn't go so well the last time we tried to have a fun night."

Kay’la walked into the cargo bay, she’d had a troublesome time getting to the Starbase delays here and delays there, but she’d eventually made it. Having gotten past security and dropped her things in her assigned quarters she’d heard that the crew were assembling for a for a farewell party for their previous CO. She didn’t know the CO in question, but parties were a good place to meet people.

Raith had completed his duties for the shift and as soon as he had received the call from Commander Soral, he made his way down to the Cargo Bay. With everything going on about the mission and also in her personal life, Raith had almost forgotten that Commander Victrix would be leaving them and Captain Stillwater would be their new CO. As he located T'Lanna and stood next to her, he smiled as he made a mental note about greeting their new CO soon.

T’Lanna smiled as she gently took hold of Raith’s hand as they stood together. This wasn’t a strictly formal gathering so shows of affection were okay. Truth be known she couldn’t wait to be alone with him again, just cuddling up was a treat let alone spending a night together.

One of the last to arrive, Lieutenant Kingsley slipped into the cargo bay and made her way towards the rest of the senior staff. She didn’t need to look to know Soral was close by. She felt bad for replicating a gift at the last moment - literally shoving the neatly wrapped box into Soral’s hands as he left their quarters.

Lt. JG Yolen had been amongst the first to arrive. He slipped his gift in last minute and was glad to have been early to do so. He was getting a drink and nodded to the young CPO ... Eyelaya if he remembered. He took his place amongst the crowd.

Eyelaya stood off to the side. She noted Alex's arrival and approached. "Hi!"

“Hey!” Alex grinned at the familiar face, adding, “At least not broken airlocks today. I don’t think I can thank you enough for that...”

Eyelaya smiled. "I didn't do anything. The commander busted the door."

"You did plenty." Alex grinned as she glanced across at Soral. "Now, I just need to get it all back working again."

Soral suppressed a smile as his beloved walked in. He overflowed the link with warmth and love as he always did wanting her to know that she meant the world to him.

Max arrived right after Alex. He found a nice corner near the back and tucked in waiting for the festivities to begin.

Talarn wasn't far behind the crew. Dressed in civilian clothing the ex-Borg Cardassian slipped into the room, trying to be as inconspicuous as possible. He didn't want to miss the ceremony, feeling that he should be there to support his husband, even though parties were not really his thing. He stayed in the back of the room, one because he was not a fussy spouse and two because he didn't want to distract Barret from what he needed to do to get this ceremony done. He found a spot and leaned into it, watching the proceedings with interest.

As the staff filed in one of the Yeoman blew his whistle calling everyone to attention. "Attention crew. Command change over to begin."

Soral stepped back allowing this part of the ceremony to take place for Stillwater to relieve Victrix and her to stand relieved. Secretly, Soral relished this ceremony. It calmed him and gave him focus. It hearkened to a better time.

Lieutenant Commander DeVala Victrix, dressed in a Starfleet dress uniform for the era had entered the room, escorted by the quartermaster. She had been thoroughly surprised with how ceremonial the crew wanted this, but she assumed it was something Soral and Stillwater had cooked up. It had their staunch traditionalist scent all over it. She carried a PaDD in hand and approached Commander Barret Stillwater who likewise had a PaDD of his own.

The sound of a bosun's whistle echoed through the cargo bay. Commander Stillwater's crisp voice spoke like a general on the battlefield as he addressed the crew. "All hands, bare witness" he said and focused his attention on Victrix. "Lieutenant Commander DeVala in the time honored tradition, the crew of the USS Standing Bear, formerly USS Fontana bear witness. On this stardate with orders from Fleet Captain Jasmine Lynne Somers, Commanding Officer of Task Force 11 of the eleventh fleet of Starfleet, service branch of the United Federation of Planets, under the administration of President Iden Morr of Bajor, I Commander Barret Stillwater hereby relieve you of command of the USS Standing Bear."

Victrix smirked. 'Changed the name of the starship. That's a bit different,' she thought, but knew that paperwork had to have been in order as Stillwater cut no corners. "I, Lieutenant Commander DeVala Victrix, stand relieved," she responded. The two gave one another a very by the book salute of maritime tradition. The two exchanged PaDDs and the bosun's whistle went off once more, and everyone was placed at ease. "Let the festivities commence!" shouted Victrix.

Raith suddenly felt a chill go down his spine as he heard the words USS Standing Bear. For a moment, he thought he had imagined it and realized that he hadn't. Suddenly he was reminded of his time aboard the shuttle craft in the Nebula where he had encountered his visions or dream or whatever it was. One of the details he remembered was where his sister had said about the Captain changing the name of the ship.

Raith tried to relax a little and not let on his sudden moment, making a note to speak with T'Lanna afterwards.

Soral stepped forward. "Before we start the festivities. The crew wishes to honour its former Captain." He let Stillwater remove the cloth from the gifts and he removed the cloth from the plaque laid against the wall. "Please accept a small token of thanks from us all for your service."

Victrix lit up seeing the gifts being revealed. She was not expecting such a grandiose ceremony and most certainly had not anticipated all these gifts from the crew.

T’Lanna hoped Victrix liked the collage picture she’d made of the crew for her to remember everyone by. She eagerly awaited a speech.

Stillwater gestured to Victrix. 'Speech,' she thought to herself. 'They are going to want a speech.' The woman took a deep breath. She could do this. She could make it through without falling apart. "When I took this assignment, I had no idea how long it would last. I was naïve and foolish, my wanderlust of the stars propelled me forward into a captain's chair I was not formally trained for, but that did not prevent me from adapting and growing in these past several weeks. I may have taken command feeling green, but as the days passed I came to see each of you as part of my crew. I rooted here an got used to seeing your faces in the corridors. This is what makes it so terribly difficult to stand here today departing the starship."

Victrix could feel her eyes collecting a bit of moisture. She fought through it. 'No tears,' she reminded herself. "It has been an honour to serve with each and every one of you. Please continue being who you are and serve your new Commanding Officer as you served under me. Together, I know this crew can accomplish anything and overcome any obstacles. Wherever life takes me from here on out, know that I am somewhere across the stars thinking about you all, holding on fondly to the memories you have helped me make. Thank you," finished Lieutenant Commander Victrix.

During the speech T’Lanna lay her head against Raith’s arm, she could feel the emotions welling up inside Victrix. As the speech finished she wiped away a few emotional tears, not wanting to look silly in front of others in the room.

As he waited for the speech to end, Raith realized suddenly that he would miss Commander Victrix. He felt that she had been capable commanding officer whilst in charge and he hoped that she would enjoy her next assignment, wherever that may be. Being a part of Starfleet, an officer could end up anywhere.

Looking at T'Lanna, Raith whispered to her, "I need to speak with you afterwards please." He wanted to explain what he'd seen from his previous vision and why it was important.

T’Lanna nodded. “Of course.”

Soral stood off to the side. He watched and listened as she spoke. It would take some time for everyone to adjust this new chapter was beginning for them all but he knew in his bones that this would not be the last time they saw Victrix. She had a bright future, of that he had no doubt.

Talarn moved a little closer to the door. He wasn't sure if he wanted to stay or go. Parties were not really comfortable for him, but he still wanted Barret to know that he had come to support his transfer over. His eyes sought Stillwater in the crowd of people.

Commander Stillwater navigated his away around and made his way over to Talarn. He was surprised the man, his husband, had even attended the event. He knew that if anything, Talarn had come for him, not because Talarn wanted to. Stillwater placed a hand on Talarn's shoulder before the Cardassian could leave. "Thank you for coming. I know that was not easy for you, but we can go back to our quarters for a bit."

Ryan left as soon as it was polite to do so. He hoped Victrix enjoyed her gift, and he wished her well, but he had a never ending mountain of paperwork waiting for him.

The party slowly wound down after the doctor left. It didn't take long for everyone to clear out. Soral stayed back to clean up and ensure that all was set in order. He helped Victrix het the gifts off the ship and wished her well once again before returning to his quarters. It had been a success. He was pleased with the way it all went off and he was pleased to see the crew all there for a formal ceremony. There was something to be said about that. It was a way to close a chapter and begin a new one that was filled with possibilities.



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