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Plak Tow

Posted on Wednesday, 9 June 2021 - 6:12pm by Commander Soral & Lieutenant Haru Hernandez & Lieutenant JG Maximus Mackenzie & Lieutenant JG Hayashi Hamura & Captain Barret Stillwater & Lieutenant Alex Kingsley

Mission: Operation: Neu Reich
Location: USS Standing Bear | Brig Area
Timeline: 2394 MD 35


Mac looked at Hamura with new found respect. "How the hell did you do that?"

Hamura grinned. "Well. I could explain but..."

Hernandez laughed. "Seriously Mac?" He shook his head and he and Hamura shared a smile.

"He'll eventually figure it out," Hamura said walking over to Soral's unconscious body. "Kaito-Sama, if you will get the brig field Maximus-Sama and I shall drag him to the brig."

Haru Hernandez, equally impressed with Hamura gave a nod. "Go for it." He watched as Hamura and Mac struggled to get Soral into the brig and as soon as they exited the field went up.

"I'll stay here and watch him you two …. um... well tell Alex and let the Captain know that his XO is out of commission."

Mac wiped the blood from his lip and his eye, he knew, was already bruising. He sighed. "Yeah." He motioned to Hamura who joined him outside the brig area.

"Ohhhhh I get it now."

Hamura laughed. "Took you long enough."

Mac growled and tapped his badge. "Mackenzie to Kingsley and Stillwater."

Literally having just stepped out the shower and wrapped up only in a towel, Alex groaned as the comm system came to life. She imagined he wasn’t calling her and the captain just to share the latest gossip and so she hurried into the bedroom so she could start to dress. On this ship, there was no limit to the mayhem and she wasn’t going to deal with whatever this was in nothing but a pink fluffy towel. “Kingsley here,” she answered as she discarded the towel and began to dress.

Captain Stillwater had just stepped onto the turbolift. His combadge intercepting his desired destination which was to stop by the mess for a quick snack. He sighed. It was the life of being the Captain of a starship, oddly enough he was busier on this small starship than when he had a larger space station to command. "Stillwater here, go ahead," he answered. Clearly the galaxy is making me stay svelt he said running a hand along his chest and waistline.

"Can you two join me outside the brig like...yesterday please."

“Mac…?” There was the slightest hint of warning in her voice as Alex grabbed her uniform jacket and headed for the door, tugging on her boots as she went.

"Uh-Yeah," replied Stillwater. At least there was a please he thought to himself. He was not familiar with being summoned like that.

There was a small hesitation and then Mac shut off the coms. He sighed as he leaned back against the wall. Hayashi, who'd come out with him grabbed a first aid kit. "Here. Hold this to your lip so it stops bleeding and then I'll use a regenerator."

“Mac?” Still adjusting her uniform jacket, Alex stopped short at the sight which greeted her. Namely Mac looking like he had just lost a boxing match. “What is going on?”

"I'd rather wait until the captain arrives but … Alex how healed are you? I mean in terms of this mind meld thing?"

His question made her eyes widen as she looked beyond him and then back at his bruised face. “Soral did this?!” She whispered, horrified. Mac was his closest friend. A brother in all but blood. Yet it made so much sense now that she said it aloud. Soral had said it himself, how his condition had deteriorated without him even really knowing. “Is he in there?”

"Yes...Hamura was able to put him to sleep."

Hamura shrugged. "He taught me the neck pinch himself." Hamura looked at Mac. "Well the bleeding stopped and you have a few ribs that are iffy so I'd say sickbay."

"Not yet."

Hamura sighed. "Hello Lieutenant." They hadn't had the best first meeting on the station.

“Ensign,” Alex replied before returning her attention to Mac, “go to sickbay, Mac. If he is in the brig, unconscious, then there is no reason for you to put off seeing the doctor.”

"No, I need to make sure he's alright. Alex you know he's like a brother to me."

Captain Stillwater arrived and took in the sight. "Care to catch me up on what's going on here?"

Mac sighed. "Yeah. It's time. entering the blood fever stage. We had to... knock him out he's in the brig and lost all emotional control." As was pretty evident by Mac's appearance. He sighed. "Hamura was able to get close enough to drop him but soon he'll be lost in the worst of it." Mac wiped the blood from his cheek with his sleeve.

As if on cue an inhuman roar emanated from behind the brig doors followed by a distinct sound of the forcefield sizzling. Hamura slipped inside quickly leaving the three outside.

"So we are here," Stillwater said shaking his head. "Horny as a Targ in heat, and as dangerous as a Mugato if he's out of his personalized prison cell," mused the Captain. "We are going to lose him if we do not come up with something. As I understand it, we are at this critical junction, the window of time is narrowing. We have a few days until death...and very few options."

Mac looked at Alex. "I don't know if you've healed enough but you have to try bonding with him. Not yet though. He has to be deep in the blood fever when he is calmer. " He sighed. "We can go in and see him but Alex you need to be off to the side. Any presence that's male and standing next to you is not favourable." He looked at Stillwater. "Shall we sir?"

Stillwater nodded. "If worse comes to worse, I'll fight for you," Stillwater said rolling his eyes. "I believe Kal-if-fee is still an option at this point is it not?"

"Yes but it is a fight to the death," Mac said. "Come on then."

“But thank you for the offer,” Alex added quietly to Stillwater. “Although if anyone fights him, it’ll be me.”

They entered the brig area. Soral paced like a caged animal. Mac half expected steam to be shooting out his ears. As the door hissed Soral turned. His eyes studying new arrival. A sudden burst of anger hit him and as if not recognizing anyone he lunged at the force field only to bounce back.

Standing off to one side just inside the doors, Alex couldn’t help but take a step back at the sheer ferocity of Soral’s reaction. Immediately she understood what Mac meant. Right now, he was far too dangerous to himself and the crew. “What can we do?” she asked quietly.

"Talk to him. Let him hear your voice." Haru wheeled over. "Mac go to sickbay I know you have broken ribs." Haru desperately looked at Stillwater. "Can't you order him, Sir?"

“Maybe you all could let me speak to my husband in private?” Alex suggested. “Just for a few minutes. And Mac can go see the doctor.”

Mac gave a nod. "Yeah but Hamura stays as security."

Alex rolled her eyes. So much for a private moment. "Fine," she conceded. "But for the record, he wont hurt me."

Hamura smiled, "Indeed, I'll just make sure."



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